Saturday, October 9, 2010

Imagine all the people, browsing in a mall.

Out in the real world, singer John Lennon would've been 70 years old today. I'm sure Trent would have something to say, if he woke up in time.

Now for some fanfiction reporting. I know I'm behind schedule, so yell if I missed anything.

The Spectacular Spider Girl by Jim North

The First Week: Day One by Chris Tucker

Road Trip: Epilogue by Chris Tucker

Two Body Problem (Parts 5 & 6) by Richard Lobinske

Y-Me? (Parts 12-16) by HolyGrail2007

A New Take on Group Dating by thatLONERchick

Hoop Dreams by Roentgen

Daria vs. Superman by Roentgen

God Save the Esteem Ep. 9: Pop Cult by Charles RB

Daria/Dorian Ch. 9: Failure is a Good Thing (Part 5) by LadieT

The Vision of the Burning Cities by jtranser

Worldburner: NegaJane (Parts 1&2) by Erin M

White Trash Daria (now complete)
by Smijey

Write-off Challenge 6 - Round 1 by Shull Bitter and Dennis

James Lane Chronicles Chapter 2 (Parts 2-4) by InvisibleDan

The Fiercest Battles Lie Within (Ch. XIV-XVII) by VPrad

Invader Dar (update) by Wraith

Flipside (2 parts) by Staticblast

Jane Morgendorffer (Parts 15&16)
by LadieT

Mr. T Trilogy by Smijey

Kolchak: The Lawndale File (update) by Chris Tucker

Quantum Stacy: Secret Agent of the Time Police (parts 1&2) by Jim North

Raft College: The First Year (Part 28) by rglovejoy

Hack the Planet.exe (Part 5) by Brian Taylor

Another Normal Day in Lawndale (Scene 6) by JPAGC

Anthony DeMartino Just Wants to Have Fun (updated)
by Smijey

Lawndale and Sandi Griffin's Genie (Ch 1 Pt 4) by cfardell_Brenorenz29

It's a Sick, Sad, Sad, Sad World (Part 2) by The ExcellentS

by LadieT


InvisibleDan said...

Please allow me to defend my good chum and say it's LadieT and not LadyT.

Apart from that, thanks for making an update. I was worried no one was minding the store.

The Bug Guy said...


Anonymous said...

Let me put in a word about the update on my fic. It's "The Vision of the Burning Cities". It's no biggie, I sometimes forget to put the second the in, too.

Oh, and today is 10/10. A really big day on Taiwan. It marks the start of the revolt against the Manchu Dynasty.


The Bug Guy said...

Also fixed.

Anonymous said...

is thepaperpusher site down? i can't seem to get in there. (ok that sounded kinda bad, but you know what i mean.)

rglovejoy said...

I've noticed that too. I cannot ping - ping tells me that the site is an unknown host.

By doing a whois search, I found that the host is registered with GoDaddy and the domain expires on 16 October 2010. (On a UNIX system, run 'whois' to see what I mean. The admin contact is something called 'Domains by Proxy, Inc.' operating out of a rented mailbox in Scottsdale, AZ. (The PMB in the mailing address is a giveaway.)

In conclusion, there seems to be something going on with the domain registration. Hopefully, this can get resolved quickly.

rglovejoy said...

Sh33ps' Fluff is down too. This and PPMD are using the same domain server: ns1.gamerspage,net. This site cannot be pinged either.

The Bug Guy said...

Gamer has been contacted about the outages.

Anonymous said...

According to Gamer: "DNS is likely being cached on your workstation; try the following (Windows):
ipconfig /flushdns"

If that doesn't work, I would suggest trying rather than .net.

- Kara

Pashupati said...

Maybe it'll interest you :
Zombie Beavis & Butthead. Classic!

rglovejoy said...

PPMB is down again. Again, it's DNS issues. Problem seems to have started around noon today, East Coast time.