Thursday, October 21, 2010

See? I told you there'd be more!

On this date in 1997, the first Daria VHS, "Daria," was released. I bet they had to think really hard to come up with that title, didn't they? The tape included the pilot, "Sealed with a Kick," and the first three episodes of Season One.

In fandom news:

LSauchelli is still working on a mobile webapp version of the PPMB.

Quiverwing has posted photos from her trip to London.

Kristen Bealer (hi!) has also posted photos from her trip to Canada and New England.

Roentgen wonders how a sequel to Daria would be managed and discusses which Daria characters are strong vs. weak.

Dark Kuno wants to know which fanfics you like to read over and over again?

DigiSim has posted a new Iron Chef that places Daria and Jane in the world of Super Mario Brothers.

Speaking of Iron Chefs, the Facebook Episodes Iron Chef has been resurrected! Hooray!

Artist Dork has recently posted lots of new Daria artwork!

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