Saturday, November 21, 2015

That Goth

Andrea looks less than thrilled to wish actress Marlo Thomas a happy 78th birthday. Thomas was known for her role in That Girl, which Andrea is portraying very unwillingly.

This is also False Confession Day, so if anyone else wants to admit to killing Kevin in "Murder, She Snored," then now would be the time.

Fanfic Update!
  • Daria: College Pains The Sophomore Year, by James the Lesser (part 12): "Conner watches the snow hit harder and harder. He and Daria had finished dinner with his family and had been thinking of leaving."

  • Guertena's exhibit at Lawndale, by Rémi (parts 1 and 2): "It was an ordinary saturday afternoon in Lawndale. Daria was trying to exit the Morgendorffer household without drawing unwanted attention, when her mother, having seen her put her boots, asked : – Where are you going, Daria ?" (Part 2)

  • Invader Quinn, by Anguirus1955 (part 8): "'Okay, now as part of our economic studies, we're going to be taking a field trip to the Millennium Mall tomorrow so that we can observe the various components of the economy in action, with supply, demand, customers, and advertising, and so on and so forth,' Mrs. Bennett said."

  • Lawndale 2021, by Anguirus1955 (part 22): "Amy Barksdale opened the cupboard to grab a pack of coffee grounds. She noticed that the cupboard was almost empty. There was one half-empty box and one unopened box left. She sighed as she retrieved a small brewing-cup and inserted it into her coffee machine."

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