Saturday, February 9, 2019

Anyone For Metal Dentures?

Mr. DeMartino appears to be observing Toothache Day, although I'm sure he'd rather not be. Also, given a choice between a toothache and putting up with Mr. O'Neill, I think I'd just live with the toothache.

In happier news, today is also National Pizza Day. If you need help figuring out how to celebrate this one, you don't deserve to call yourself a Daria fan.

Fanfic Update!
  • Beware the Fan that Feeds You (Iron Chef: Fictional Reaction), by TheBrodsterBoy (part 2): "'Smiley, don't tell me you broke the non canonizer?' 'Sorry Man, I'm not sure if turning that thing is on is a good idea. Have you seen some of the stuff in the Daria fandom multiverse?'"

  • Bye the Way (Iron Chef: We Were Young, Once), by Charles RB (COMPLETE!): "It had been four years of blood and sweat, and sometimes the blood wasn't no metaphor."

  • Cards (IC: Daria Meets God), by Shiva (COMPLETE!): "Daria looked at the business card and read it. Name: God Age: None Occupation: See Name 'Have card, will travel, service with a smile!'"

  • Comeuppance (Iron Chef: The Return of 7 item list story game AKA CHOPPED: PPMB STYLE), by DIsaac (COMPLETE!): "Everything in Linda Griffin's life has had one simple goal, Not to make herself look bad to anyone. By anyone she meant everyone. Her family, Her co-workers, Her Friends. So it was a shock to be here at her funeral today."

  • Daria's Makeover, by Meester_Lee (parts 1 - 3): "'And here we are,' said Jane. 'So this is Scarlett's house?' said Daria, raising her eyebrows skeptically. 'This is the place,' said Jane. She pressed the doorbell." (Part 2) (Part 3)

  • Daria the Invincible, by TheBrodsterBoy (part 1): "Dear Diary, I used to be Daria Morgendorffer, from Lawndale Pennsylvania. I am a 18 year old girl, and I thought that was all. Up until about a few months ago, I thought I was just a normal girl. Cynical, Sarcastic,....well, perhaps not normal, but nothing special."

  • Fatal Distraction (Life After Thirty), by WildDogJJ (parts 1 and 2): "Michael Jordan MacKenzie is at the bar checking out the ladies. One woman catches his eye. This woman is a beautiful brunette wearing a sexy yet tasteful red evening dress that accentuates her curves. She walks up to the bar and orders a drink." (Part 2)

  • Freefall, by atiyatortilla (parts 2 and 3): "The last day of Quinn's life was the beginning of a new chapter in Jamie's." (Part 3)

  • Right In The Genes (Iron Chef: The Daria Gene), by nightbeast37 (part 1): "The mood was tense inside the Morgendorffer household. Daria had been left with such news that would've just about surprised anybody who didn't see the world the way she saw it."

  • A spring afternoon (Iron Chef: The Return of 7 item list story game AKA CHOPPED: PPMB STYLE), by JPAGC (part 1): "The early Spring afternoon was one of clear skies and unblocked Sun, a promise of the future warm days, just after the cold of the recent Winter."

  • Unnamed story (LLH Short Entries #2), by Brother Grimace and Roentgen (part 166 - 168): "'The sleek, silky catamount inches closer down the partial path along the beautiful, hilly Southern California landscape - sliding past littered branches and moving over broken rock and loose soil with unwavering skill towards her unsuspecting prey,' Rossalyn monologued in her own mind as she approached Greg from behind, a wraith composed of active psychoplasmic energies invisible to the naked eye and unnoticed by the still-chuckling student, Esra's jacket still in hand." (Part 167) (Part 168)

  • Unnamed story (Scenes No Daria fanfic should have: The Saga Goes On), by Silver (COMPLETE!): "Football, it had to be said, wasn't this big in Texas. When Highland High or the Cowboys won, the residents had never rioted, looted, and generally caused the kind of havoc that required the Maryland National Guard to be called in."

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