Saturday, May 29, 2021

Anyone in the Mood to Fall on Your Ass in a Pile of Garbage?

I don't think Willow and Helen are enjoying Learn About Composting Day, but Coyote and Jake are having a great time! Or at least, they were having a great time until they got several pounds of compost dumped on their heads by some very annoyed wives. Those women...always getting liberated.

Fanfic Update!
  • Confessing Your Quinns (The Carbones), by WildDogJJ (COMPLETE!): "Quinn and her husband, Jim, were seated on a couch that was directly across the coffee table from where Dr. Barone was sitting. Jim's therapist had pitched the idea of treating them as a couple for a few sessions. Jim liked the idea and Quinn agreed, so here they were having their first couples session." (Part 2) (Part 3)

  • Daria: College Pains The Junior Year, by James the Lesser (part 2): "Amalia shows up at her old workplace. She sees Big Bob and waves nervously to him. 'Hi Bob. Um, hi.'"

  • Flames, by atiyatortilla (part 5): "Pizza had always been a mainstay in their relationship. It provided them with a solid foundation whenever they found themselves in unstable territory…which happened more often than Daria was willing to admit."

  • Jake, Jake Fragment and Shake, by EntrancedCat (COMPLETE!): "Chalk squeaked on the blackboard as the instructor finished his notes. Captain Fawcett slowly turned to face the class of cadets, his cane thumping a bit on the well polished hardwood floor of his History classroom." (Part 2)

  • Living in America, by Lady Evil (parts 3 and 4): "At Lawndale High, Daria, Alfred and Jane were standing at the lockers. 'So instead of saying, "Don't come home so late," now they've created some elaborate punishment system.' Daria said." (Part 4)

  • Love Rollercoaster (Linn's short stories (or ficlets, drabbles...)), by Linnofthewoods (COMPLETE!): "Reactions of other parkgoers stranded up in the air on the Brooklyn Flyer varied, but of course none of them were at all pleased with the situation. For about twenty minutes some had been shouting, 'Get us down from here!'"

  • Unnamed story (Scenes No Daria fanfic should have: The Closing Walls of Schloss Morgendorffer and Casa Lane), by WacoKid (COMPLETE!): "'What's wrong, Daria?' 'I'm worried about my sister.'"