Tuesday, September 22, 2015

What About Those Hobbit Business Women?

Linda's pissed because she just found out that Helen got voted onto the board of the Lawndale Business Woman's Alliance. That's only fitting on Business Women's Day, though. And anything that annoys Linda Griffin is probably a good thing no matter what it is.

This is also Hobbit Day, so today would be a good day to get that special someone a candle that's vaguely shaped like a hobbit. Or, you know, not.

Fanfic Update!
  • Anger meets her match, by dammit.taken (part 1): "Andrea slipped out of her work-clothes, tossing them into the hamper in her closet. She pulled some clothes out at random, then pulled on a clean bra and started getting dressed."

  • Dreams Rewoven, by RLobinske (part 3): "'Pardon my frustration, but that position was made for you,' Amy Barksdale said over her cell phone. 'And now it's going to someone with tenure. You know how the game works.'"

  • Is it real life yet?, by michaelscarn (part 1): "Daria held the final box filled with her things and looked back at her empty dorm room. She didn't want to admit it, but she'd miss her home for the past six years."

  • Lawndale 2021, by Anguirus1955 (parts 6 - 8): "'No. I need to adjust the formula a bit more,' Dr. Quentin Q. Quinn said to himself as he observed the results of his latest experiment." (Part 7) (Part 8)

  • Sandi, You Hoopy Frood, by Brother Grimace (COMPLETE!): "'Everyone, calm down! It's only been a couple of hours past our return time - and since they haven't been able to contact us on the radio, I'm certain that the authorities have already started a rescue effort!'"

  • Unnamed story (World's Shortest Crossover, Part XIV: The Crossover Awakens!), by Anguirus1955 (COMPLETE!): "New York City was silent. The four brave heroes on top of the apartment complex looked confused as their opponent disappeared."

  • Unnamed story (World's Shortest Crossover, Part XIV: The Crossover Awakens!), by Wraith (COMPLETE!): "'It's truly horrible. A cryin' shame.' Anthony said sadly."

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