Wednesday, November 10, 2010

HOO-yah! Happy Birthday, Marines!

For those of you out there of the extreme civilian persuasion, listen up! On this glorious day in history back in 1775, the Second Continental Congress (who says that the bums in Washington can't do anything right?) passed a resolution that resulted in the founding of Heaven's personal guard detail - the United States Marine Corps. Today, every U.S. Marine celebrates (as phrased by one young Marine) 'two hundred and thirty-five years of Congressionally-mandated ass-kicking all around the world!'

In Daria fandom, the Marine Corps is represented by such notables as 'Mad Dog' Morgendorffer (usually seen in fan fic as serving in the Corps during the Korean War), Jaime White (who serves in uniform as a character in the Daylight shared-world setting, and the ever hard-core Colonel Kyle Armalin. There's even a Legion of Lawndale Heroes fic dedicated to the Corps' birthday -'A Special Day For The Colonel'

For all those men and women of the Corps - past, present and future - enjoy your special day of cake, ice cream and weapons effective out to 600 meters!

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the nightgoblyn said...

Jake and Daria from Exchange Students say, "Oo-rah!"