Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Whenever you feel like it!!!

November 17th is Take a Hike Day, so why not join Uncle Anthony for a nice, relaxing stroll in the woods? Just remember to be careful as you run higgledy-piggledy through the poison ivy and ticks.

I wonder if Mr. DeMartino kept up the hikes after that summer. If he did, the exercise doesn't seem to have done anything for his stress levels, but at the very least he could have saved money on gas. The increased stamina might have been an advantage for the next faculty vs. DJ roller hockey game, too.

Today is also Homemade Bread Day, and Helen invites you to try some of her famous oatmeal pumpkin seed loaf. Entirely hand-kneaded, of course. Really.

Come to think of it, if machine-kneaded dough has no soul, wouldn't that be a good thing? I mean, why would you specifically want to eat something that does have a soul? Maybe there's more going on with Willow than any of us quite realized.

So what's new in fandom?

  • Liz Ruiz has some thoughts about online social networks. What do you think?

  • tafka performed at a bellydance festival last weekend and has shared pictures as well as anecdotes about her dancing in this thread.

  • LSauchelli wants to know what year you think was the best year for TV?

  • The Write-Off Challenge is still looking for judges and contestants for the current challenges as well as future ones. Sign up here!

  • Two interested Iron Chef/Shared Story threads have started up in the Creative Writing forum: No Bromwell for Tom and Whatever happened to Tommy Sherman.

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