Thursday, December 18, 2014

What a Fashionista Wants

Stacy's turned herself into a major walking fashion faux pas to celebrate Christina Aguilera's birthday. The pop singer was born in 1980, and when Sandi regains consciousness I'm sure she'll remind Stacy that the latest issue of Waif considers Aguilera--being over thirty--no longer "in."

Fanfic Update!
  • Ah, Hell, by metameric1 (part 24): "'I can't believe we're doing this,' Daria muttered. She reached for the tuners of the cheesy Teisco electric guitar and detuned the B and high E strings even more. Jane stopped the playback. 'We sound too good to pull off the Shaggs. It's really hard to sound that crappy.'"

  • DW: Legacy of the Doctor, by cfardell_Brenorenz29 (part 3): "Clara enters the restaurant. She looks around and finds Susan near the back. She sits with her. She sniffs. Susan: What's wrong? Clara: I don't know, maybe the smell? Susan: It's everywhere."

  • Lessons Learned (Ideas!), by Princess_Pasta (COMPLETE!): "Doctor Brown watched the small child in front of her with sad, sympathetic gray eyes. It was a textbook case in her opinion but she didn't have enough information to go on to make an adequate plea."

  • Redux, by Princess_Pasta (part 17): "Dega Street was practically deserted but Daria didn't expect anything more on a Thursday evening."

  • Star Trek: Daria - Resurrection, by echopapa (part 14): "'I saw all of this technology wrapped up in a starship, and I realized I wanted to know how it all worked - and to use that knowledge to keep my homeworld safe.'"