Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Makes Sense; Kevin's Not Very Focused, Either!

Kevin looks even more pleased with himself than usual because on this day in 1789, George Washington was elected president of the United States. Or, as Mrs. Stoller put it, "And so, the people asked George Washington, 'Will you be our new king?'" Whether or not the newly-elected president then scolded a teenage girl for being late to class is anyone's guess.

Fanfic Update!
  • Brittany and a Pernicious Problem, by Bill Bruford (parts 2 and 3): "KNOCK....KNOCK KNOCK 'Come in' Brittany answered the knocks, same apathy plaguing her voice." (Part 3)

  • Doctor Who: Season 8.5, by cfardell_Brenorenz29 (prologue): "The Doctor awoke, for real this time as the 'dream crab' expired. 'Clara!' He called out. He scrambled to the TARDIS, which soon dematerialised."

  • E-mails, by BeingFearless (COMPLETE!): "From: Daria To: Jane HELP. I'm bored. TV doesn't work. Come home."

  • Rising with the Machines... Cynically, by Kuriamo22 (part 2): "Daria stood next to an empty street surrounded by darkness.Suddenly she saw of the nearby tree's along the road lit by a flash of blue lightning. She spun away from it in fear to see a bright white light blind her."

  • Slow Flows the River, by UU (part 1bis): "The second most important person in the second most important country in the world cared neither about the bitter cold and the snow falling on his face nor about the most important person shuffling by."

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