Monday, April 20, 2020

Cough, Cough!

I think it goes without saying that Trent is aware that today is 4/20. Don't try to tell me that his cough is hay fever. Although, come to think of it, I hope that cough isn't anything else, either!

Today is also Volunteer Recognition Day, so let's take a minute to thank all of those people who give their time to help others. Even if Ms. Li isn't forcing them to do it.

Fanfic Update!
  • Danny Morgendorffer, by ST91 (part 36): "'Well, this was surely an intense school council's meeting. I didn't expect it to be so crowded. ' Daniel said when, after almost two hours, he and Jodie left the classroom."

  • Daria: Winter Is Coming, by Meester_Lee (part 15): "Daria spent the early afternoon in the living room, despite her strong desire to retreat upstairs."

  • Erin Chambers, by OzFerret (part 37): "Erin realised she had been asleep when a bump woke her."

  • Lucky, it's Past, by Lady Evil (part 5): "Daria looked around at the interior of Phineas T. Firefly, the restaurant Trent had brought her to."

  • Silver Linings (Iron Chef: QUARANTINE!), by EntrancedCat (COMPLETE!): "Daria slowly panned the web camera over her tools before bringing the focus back to her face. Tom smiled at her over the marvel which was the internet."

  • Sitting at Home (Iron Chef: QUARANTINE!), by JPAGC (part 2): "'Hello, Dad?' 'Hey, Kiddo!' Jake Morgendorffer's voice came loud and cheerful through the phone. 'How are you?'"

  • Unnamed story (The 1002 Deaths of Tom Sloane), by Lady Evil (part 2): "'...Fifty-two bottles of blue milk on da wall!' it continued to sing. 'Fifty-two bottles of blue milk!'"

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