Sunday, March 22, 2015

"Help! Whoa! I'm drowning!"

Sandi doesn't seem to be enjoying World Water Day, but don't let that stop you from celebrating. In fact, that might be all the more reason to celebrate! I have no doubt Quinn is doing exactly that, but once Sandi gets out and dries off she'll definitely pretend otherwise.

Fanfic Update!
  • ARC ch. 7 Another day, another pain, by ST91 (part 3): "Daria, this time you have to admit that you're in a very bad shape. Thought the bespectacled girl looking at her reflection in the mirror."

  • Daria Plus, by Smijey (part 2): "Daria walked out of Mrs. Manson's office, deep in thought. Having nothing better to do, she'd once again plunged into New Game Plus, and this time toed the line to her memories of the initial playthrough."

  • Esteem de Tres (I.C./Discussion - Third Morgendorffer Sister à la Helen), by GlitterShrooms (part 1): "'Daria! Quinn! Let's go! I'm not gonna be late because of you two!' shouted Helena Jasmine, or HJ for short, up the staircase."

  • General Semantics, Private Angst, by gwrtheyrn (part 46): "Tony DeMartino, still without scheduling that long-overdue knee repair, discharged himself from Cedars of Lawndale two days later."

  • The Kiss (IC: Challenged by D), by dmsfanman (COMPLETE!): "Tom came up behind her, pulled her auburn hair back on her right side and gently kissed her neck. Then he put his arms around her slender waist and said quietly in her ear, 'What are you thinking about Daria?'"

  • Medical Test (Iron Chef: Start In The Middle of an Action Sequence), by NightGoblyn (COMPLETE!): "Blood is black when you're using night vision goggles to see."

  • Misery Machine, by NightGoblyn (part 9): "A few days later, the evening of the poster competition rolled around. Jane borrowed a clunky black van from one of her brother's band mates, and ferried the group down to the civic center."

  • Star Trek: Emerging Enterprise, by cfardell_Brenorenz29 (COMPLETE!): "'That must have hit a nerve, Jim,' Bones said to his Captain and friend. 'That is for certain,' Jim Kirk said. 'They are most likely people from the real universe who were sent into the simulation to investigate the situation with the Enterprise,' Spock said."

  • Unnamed story (World's Shortest Crossover XIII - Crossovers are Magic!), by Astrocar82 (COMPLETE!): "'Do you have any rat poison?' Tom Griffin asked as he walked into a hardware store."

  • Unnamed story (World's Shortest Crossover XIII - Crossovers are Magic!), by Kuriamo22 (COMPLETE!): "The Doctor spun around to see Daria staring at him with a seductive twinkle in her eye. He immediately thought, 'Oh no. Not now, why does this always happen to me?'"

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