Saturday, June 6, 2015

Revenge of the Ficus

Quinn's getting a workout for National Gardening Exercise Day, although I'm sure fending off attacks is not what the holiday creators had in mind. But now that's Quinn's started doing it, I'm sure the plant attack exercise fad is going to skyrocket.

If that's not your idea of exercise, either, then you could always swing dance at an abandoned drive-in movie theater with Nathan and his friends, because it's also the anniversary of the opening of the first drive-in movie theater in 1933. I know they were pre-khakis commercial, but I'm not so sure about Nathan.

Speaking of mysteries, welcome to today's edition of "Great Mysteries of Daria." Last time I mentioned Metal Mouth's (or at least his dentures) cameo at the end of "Legends of the Mall." It makes you wonder if there's actually a crazed former shop teacher running around Lawndale and, if so, who will be his next victim? Does he only attack car doors or might bike tires also fall prey to his steel jaws?

And what about the other random supernatural incidents in the show, like Daria's super-healing belly button? We saw the Tommy Sherman Memorial Tree/Crutch sprout a flower in "A Tree Grows in Lawndale," which is not only weird but confusing. Did the flower symbolize Kevin's triumphant return to football? The successful removal of the rubber stopper from the bottom of the crutch? Or was it a sign that Zombie Tommy Sherman was about to return from the dead and kill everyone? There are other minor moments of weirdness, but those are the ones that stand out most for me.

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