Tuesday, June 2, 2015

She's Even Got the Royal Wave

Brittany has apparently just re-enacted the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, which happened on this day in 1953. I'd keep a close eye on that corgi if I were you, Brittany. Whatever you do, don't let your brother near it.

And now for the third installment in the "Great Mysteries of Daria" series: character superpowers. Okay, so none of the characters in canon technically had any of the traditional superpowers like flight or laser blasts, but there were some odd things going on on the show from time to time. For example, was Quinn's past life regression as Cleopatra real or fake? It's hard to believe that Quinn could put on such a convincing act, particularly since it would require at least a little bit of historical knowledge. Not only that, but Quinn as Cleopatra does fit disturbingly well.

It wasn't just the central characters that seemed to have special abilities, either. The backgrounder Shaggy was shown to be able to both time travel and bilocate, among other things. We can only hope he only used those powers for good...or at least solving mysteries with a talking dog.

Finally, Trent's ability to fall asleep under every possible circumstance--during an almost-hurricane, while holding a guitar, and so forth--could qualify as a superpower as well. Not to mention the ability of certain teachers to hold onto their jobs in spite of their blatant discrimination, strangling attempts, and/or complete ineptitude.


Anonymous said...

Brittany has the Most Common Superpower.

darbanville said...

Big boobs? Its the one thing Brittany and I have in common but as a superpower, it has definite downsides. :)