Sunday, May 31, 2015

TIME to Quit SMOKing!

Mr. DeMartino had better put out that cigarette because today is World No Tobacco Day! Also, I doubt that smoking is good for either his eye or his heart. Oddly, I don't think we ever see or hear about DeMartino smoking at any other point in canon. I suspect that on his salary he couldn't afford to smoke more than one cigarette every five years.

On today's installment of "Great Mysteries of Daria," I'd like to discuss the stuff that the writers didn't even seem to be paying attention to. There's the minor stuff like Tiffany's random voice change early in the series or Sandi's abrupt downward personality turn after season one. But there are even bigger mysteries out there!

For one thing, the layout of the Morgendorffer house has been a subject of discussion in the past: why do certain rooms keep changing? Why isn't the house a consistent size? Why, if the house has a guest room, did Helen let Daria pick the bedroom she did? The tesseract theory is a popular one, but there's surely plenty of room for more fun in explaining that house in fanfic.

Another mystery that never got resolved was the question of what happened to Ted DeWitt-Clinton after the episode "The New Kid." He showed up at Lawndale High one day, then didn't reappear until his cameo appearance in "I Loathe a Parade." Since he was still attending Lawndale High during that whole time, why did we never see or hear anything from him? Maybe that's something that only bugged me (hence my The Ted Zone series), but it's very strange.

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