Friday, May 29, 2015

Climb a Mountain...or a Pile of Garbage

Tiffany's climbing a mountain in honor of Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay's successful ascent of Mount Everest, which happened on this day in 1953. Good thing Tiffany's not worried about the lack of oxygen up there affecting her brain--there'd have to be a brain in there first.

Today is also Learn About Composting Day, and I'm sure Willow would be happy to pass on any tips. Unless she's decided she feels the same way about composting as she does about kneading bread.

Finally, I now bring you the first installment of the "Great Mysteries of Daria" series, In-Episode Mysteries. These are the things that are inarguably canon yet remain unexplained. The things that cause unending speculation but no true consensus. The things that the writers most likely threw in there specifically to drive us all nuts.

For example, who burgled the cybercafe and later the coffee shop in "Cafe Disaffecto"? Was it Kevin, who was so quick to claim he had an alibi? Was it Jodie, so tired of being the perfect girl that she had to turn to a secret life of crime? Come to think of it, when exactly did Daria's computer first appear in her room? Hmmm....

Another unsolved mystery is the identity of the person who drove Daria home at the beginning of "The Big House." It doesn't appear to be a car we ever see in any other episode, like Trent's blue car or the Tank, but it could belong to another member of the band. Still, we never learn for certain who drove her home or what she was doing out so late in the first place.

The last mystery is what really caused Daria's rash in "Ill." It's implied that it was caused by embarrassment, as shown at the end when Trent shows up and the rash returns full force. However, the second appearance happens during English class and doesn't seem to coincide with anything that might be considered embarrassing--at least, not to Daria. Mr. O'Neill should be very much ashamed of his lack of teaching ability. So what the heck was it? Maybe Jake's right and Daria really is dealing Mary Jo out of the rec room.

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