Thursday, September 21, 2017

A Day for Grateful, Peaceful Hobbits

Helen is holding a brown lump of something vaguely hobbit-shaped in honor of J.R.R. Tolkien's book The Hobbit, which was published on this day in 1937. She should probably at least try to feign appreciation for the present, though because today is also World Gratitude Day. At the very least, I suggest she not start a war over it, because this is also International Day of Peace.

Fanfic Update!
  • An Annoying Paradise, by Resop (part 1): "'Are you even listening to me?' Startled, Asamura Daria (1) looks up from her book and looks at her sister, Asamura Quinn (2), through large glasses. 'Who are you again?'"

  • Neutral Ground, by Brother Grimace (COMPLETE!): "Daria looked around at the slightly grubby, worn nature of the tiny mom-and-pop joint, which would have looked out of date in the 1970s, as David Allen (dressed smartly in his 'service dress blue' uniform - identical to the uniform worn by active-duty Naval officers, but with USAES insignia) followed her through the door." (Part 2)

  • Sonoma Coma, by jtranser (part 25): "'Begin the Gathering of Livestock' '...B-b-but that's insane, Daria!'"

  • Stargate Delicately Balanced Daria, by Meester_Lee (parts 3a - 3c): "The Quesnir came out of hyperspace at the edge of the star system above the plane of the system's plane of the ecleptic, then slowly made its way in-system, firing off probes towards two of the three large gas-giants that orbited what Earth astronomers would have classified as a G-class star well beyond the distance separating Jupiter from Earth's own sun." (Part 3b) (Part 3c)

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