Saturday, June 25, 2022

Boxing Catfish

Mack looks so proud of himself for National Catfish Day that I just don't have the heart to break it to him that I don't think that's really a catfish. Maybe the fish lied to Mack that it was a catfish when it wasn't, thus making Mack the first-ever victim of catfishing by a catfish?

Today is also the anniversary of the episode "Boxing Daria," which aired on this day in 2001. So much insight into Daria's childhood and what made her the way she was, but also a funny episode at the same time. A great episode to end the show with!

Fanfic Update!
  • American Boy, by Lady Evil (part 4): "'First thing to learn about golf, Becky,' Jake said as they drove to the first hole. 'Is that it’s all about your stance. Get into a good posture, bend those hips just right. I’ll show you how it’s done once we get there.'"

  • Daria Ravenclaw: The Legend of Sporting Joe, by Meester_Lee (parts 4 and 5): "Julia hung up after talking to Daria. She frowned." (Part 5)

  • I’m in love with you and I can’t anymore act like I’m not, please be my girlfriend, Jane Lane, by letmeloveyoulikeawoman (COMPLETE!): "after summer of moving from Lawndale and flirting with best friend Daria is here, in her room in dorm."

  • Is It Adulthood Already?, by LadySparrow (part 3): "The next morning, Daria got out of bed and headed downstairs for her morning coffee (her morning schedule being much earlier than it had been before she was hired at the station), when there was a knock on the door."

  • Return of the Runaway (IC Runaway Daria), by cfardell_Brenorenz29 (part 5): "Lillian followed Quinn away from the house into the streets of Lawndale. She hoped Quinn knew where she was going, otherwise they'd both be lost until sunrise."

  • Sexual Miseducation, by wilddogjj (part 1): "Daria and Quinn were in the kitchen catching up. Daria was explaining the reason for the surprise visit."

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