Thursday, March 9, 2017

This is How Quinn Would Look if Dr. Shar Got Her Way

Quinn's feeling extra artificial today for the anniversary of Barbie's launch on this day in 1959. For an even more disturbing crossover with Barbie, see peetz5050's awesome-yet-terrifying Daria Barbie.

Don't get too freaked out...but then again, it's Panic Day, so go nuts if you want. I think Quinn might panic a little herself if someone doesn't open up that package pretty soon so she can get some air.

Today is also the anniversary of the episode "I Don't," which aired on this day in 1998. Aside from introducing us to fan-favorite characters Luhrmann and Aunt Amy, this is a rare episode where Jake--of all people--comes out on top.

Fanfic Update!
  • Cops And Robbers And Magic, by psychotol (part 11): "'Carrie a cop killer?' asked Matilda, 'that's not going to help her run for presidency is it? Successful candidates tend to be law and order candidates, sometimes to a fault.'"

  • From Both Sides, by mailorderannie (part 4): "Daria gritted her teeth as Quinn and Jane crowded into the back of her mother's SUV. 'Why do I have to buckle up?' she muttered. 'I won't be able to move, even if I want to, and the shoulder belt is way too tight.'"

  • The Gonzo Papers, by Two-Eyed Charlie (part 3): "Holy Jesus! I thought I'd be pissing into the beehive when I started this Cavalry charge of mine, but no amount of ibogaine in existence could cause a hallucination demented enough to match what was outside my hotel door this morning. I'm lucky to be alive! Hell, I'm lucky to be sane!"

  • The Life of the Mind (Daria and the Gang Thread II), by Roentgen (COMPLETE!): "One section of Daria's brain was marked LIBIDO. It was a run-down section, and rumor among the Monads had it that the section would never be up and running."

  • On The Road, by elainefr (part 38): "'Quinn...... hey, what are you doing here?' Helen was surprised at her daughter's appearance at her office. 'Can't a daughter visit her mom?'"

  • There and Back Again, by shanejayell (COMPLETE!): "The luggage opened up with a hiss of a zipper, the lid flopping back with a thump."

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