Friday, March 17, 2017

Does This Pot of Gold Make Me Look Faaaat?

Tiffany is dancing a surprisingly lively jig for Saint Patrick's Day, and I'm a little curious to know if she has the congenital green beer-flavored breath. If so, that might explain why she doesn't talk much.

Today is also a triple anniversary for the episodes "College Bored," "Daria Dance Party," and "Murder, She Snored," which all aired on this day in 1997, 1999, and 2000. We had beer on the first one, dancing in the second, and yet another very surreal experience in the third. Fitting all around for Saint Patrick's Day episodes!

Fanfic Update!
  • Chaos Theory (Pasta's Never-ending Ideas Thread!), by Princess_Pasta (part 1): "'We can fix this'. 'I don't think that we can'. 'What?' 'Daria, we can't just pretend that none of this ever happened because it did. And...I've been giving it a lot of thought and I think that it would be best if we didn't talk for awhile'."

  • Cops And Robbers And Magic, by psychotol (part 13): "'Yeah, that's the correct address, thanks,' said Carrie before she hung up the pay phone (those still existed, but in an ever shrinking number)."

  • From Both Sides, by mailorderannie (parts 6 and 7): "'I'm going to have it.' Daria and Jane sat together in Daria's room at the Morgendorffer residence. Daria had been surprised that Helen hadn't remodeled it since she had left for college." (Part 7)

  • The Great War of the Dale, by Wassersauefer (part 2): "Usually Jodie Landon, oldest daughter of Andrew and Michele Landon, sister of Evan and Rachel Landon, skilled negotiator and businesswoman, was completely in control of her state of mind and emotions, never letting anyone getting one over her."

  • Harry Potter Morgendorffer, by Meester_Lee (part 1): "The owls were still flying by daylight throughout the British Isles, fireworks were still exploding by night, and people from Britain's wizarding world were so overcome by joy that they were still dancing in the streets where they could be seen by Muggles, but not in this part of Surrey."

  • High School Never Ends, by CaffeineAddict94 (part 1): "Trent Lane thought that Monday mornings should've been illegal. He reflected on how nice it would be to have an extended weekend while he scrapped himself out of his computer chair."

  • A.R.C Chapter 8 Sighted by a condor, by ST91 (COMPLETE!): "'Well that was weird...' said Daria after she and Charles had left the incriminated classroom. 'Yeah.' said Charles trying to to curb the anger caused by the interruption."

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