Wednesday, May 24, 2017

We Are Not Amused...Hey, Ziggy!

Jake is looking regal for the anniversary of Queen Victoria's birth on this day in 1819, but I have a feeling Quinn is mortified. Not because her father has taken up cross-dressing, but because that dress is soooo two centuries ago!

Hopefully she'll be able to take her mind off things with a visit to Chez Pierre for National Escargot Day, but please don't tell her what that means. She's had a hard enough day as it is.

Fanfic Update!
  • Cops And Robbers And Magic, by psychotol (part 25): "Carrie and Kira were now dressed in a spare set of their clothes and equipped with their Mac 10s, and were packing the rest of their stuff up."

  • Daria's Life's Lottery, by Charles RB (parts 5 and 6): "You've never had a friend before. You weren't sure you ever would. You even inherit your first real crush on Jane's brother, who's a lazy bum but boy is he hot." (Part 6)

  • In August Company, by ninjamouse1 (COMPLETE!): "'Now Angus, what do you see?' Mrs Manson, school counsellor of dubious credentials, no confidentiality agreement at all and terrible trouble with names in general, held up a picture of two silhouettes, one male and the other female, talking."

  • The Interview, by dmsfanman (part 2): "Hattie and Daria walked into the writers' suite. The first thing that Daria noticed was the large conference table in the center of the room near the door."

  • The More Things Change, by Two-Eyed Charlie (part 7): "While Brittany and I were heading to an unoccupied table that just so happened to be coated in a wide variety of condiments, Jane was working her way into Queens to pick up her husband."

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