Thursday, April 19, 2018

Like A Cynic Needs a Bicycle

Daria's gotten into the spirit of Bicycle Day, but I think someone should tell her that the holiday actually relates to LSD. After her experiences watching her family on glitterberries, I have a feeling she'd rather stick with the bike.

Fanfic Update!
  • College Bored But In An 80s Way (Iron Chef: 1980's Daria), by Charles RB (COMPLETE!): "Turner stood proud, austere, leafy; a symbol of grand educational achievement until a student ran naked down the quad yelling 'DELTA DELTA' right in the middle of Andrew Landon's big speech on how in college, you could find yourself."

  • Daria at USAES (formerly First Day at School), by Roentgen (part 3): "It was coming to the end of the second week of Foal Summer. In two more weeks, the regular cadets would be back from summer break and ready to resume their work (no one called it 'their studies') at the Axe. In two weeks after that, it would be Sprout boards."

  • Fates Entwined, by Deep Metal (part 14): "'Daria, pardon my French, but what the hell did you just say?' demanded Helen. 'I dropped out of college,' Daria went inside and sat down on a couch."

  • Meetings, by Princess_Pasta (part 5): "Charlie woke to the blinding light of the sun, his legs choked by the pink blanket he was tangled in. The fog of sleep still hung over him and he lied there, stretching one leg and then the other, until he could feel pinpricks creeping up to his knees."

  • Reflections, by Lady Evil (part 15): "At Lambert Hall, a man and woman were on stage singing the title song from Phantom of the Opera. A lighting effect caused a dappled pattern to shimmer on stage. 'Sing, my Angel of Music!' the man commanded."

  • Scenes, by JPAGC (parts 1 and 2): "The phone rang twice before Daria got it. 'Hello?' 'Daria? It's me. I'm sorry, sweetie, but I'm going to have to stay late in the office.'" (Part 2)

  • Second Chance for Love, by David Falkayn (part 7): "'Thanks Mrs. Harmon...' Elizaveta said from the back seat of the sedan carrying her and her friend Angie being driven by Angie's mother, '...for letting me go with you and Angie to tour Lawndale State.'"

  • Smash & Grab, by Erin M. (part 1): "'Ladies and gentlemen,' the tuxedo clad MC announced smoothly into the microphone. 'On behalf of The Rich Foundation and our generous benefactor, Mr. Filthy Rich and his family...'"

  • A Sudden Attack of Conscience, by David Falkayn (COMPLETE!): "Leaning back in her high-backed office chair, Angela Li grunted as she stretched. 'Too much work...not enough sleep...and only a week until graduation...' The principal of Lawndale High groused as she got up and poured a cup of coffee. 'And not one word of thanks for all I do!'"

  • Then There Was Us, by EyeMidnight (parts 3 - 5): "'Show's on,' I tell Jane. 'And now, back to Sick, Sad World,' the announcer said. 'This is just astounding! Here you are, blind, deaf, and barely able to walk, yet you conducted simultaneous affairs with three members of the Royal Family! The question on all of America's mind is: how did you do it?'" (Part 4) (Part 5)

  • Unnamed story (LLH Short Entries : Thread #2), by Roentgen (part 116): "At 12:13 am, Quinn Morgendorffer's phone began to ring. She opened her eyes, and checked it. There was no flashing circle-and-ribbon logo, so she knew she didn't have to squeeze into the Legion uniform she kept at her bedside."

  • Unnamed story (Scenes No Daria fanfic should have: The Saga Goes On), by Szcz (COMPLETE!): "INT. A room in a high school, resembling a mad scientist's laboratory, Kevin is tied in a thing, looking like as a test bench, equipped with multiple cables. Also, there are Daria, Jodie, and Ted in the room. They are wearing an unisex uniform, including black leather jackets, tight grey leggings, and knee-boots, badges with numbers and rubber night sticks complete the picture."


David Falkayn said...

Thanks for posting updates to mine and other people's stories. I just wanted to let you know that "A Sudden Attack of Conscience" Is complete.

Kristen Bealer said...

Fixed. Thanks!