Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Li, the Great and Terrible

Pay no attention to the principal behind the curtain as we all wish Wizard of Oz author L. Frank Baum a happy birthday. Someone involved with the show must have been a fan, because in addition to the Daria's Inferno scene there, we also get Mr. O'Neill quoting the Cowardly Lion in "Fire!," Daria referencing Judy Garland's role in the movie at the start of "Legends of the Mall," and Mr. DeMartino's "and you were there" bit near the end of "Lucky Strike." I'm a little surprised that Daria and Jane didn't get blown away to Oz by the hurricane in "Daria!"

I suppose they couldn't bear to be separated from their loved ones, since today is also International Day of Families. While there are many families in Daria, I'm not sure any of them are ones that the U.N. would care to hold up as good examples.

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