Monday, January 24, 2011

"Anybody else smell peanut butter?"

Today is National Peanut Butter Day! Celebrate it by sitting on a sandwich on the way to Alternapalooza, catching a squirrel and releasing it past county lines, or munching a bunch of your nutty friend's lunch. Just don't eat any pistachios--Quinn is allergic to the dye.

New Fanfic!

  • Check out the World's Shortest Crossover thread for some awesome ficlets!

  • Big Wolf On Lawndale Campus, by Pumpkin Panic (parts 1 and 2): "Jane looked down at her own hands and gasped. Her fingernails had grown long and sharp and her skin was getting darker. This was only raising her anxiety and it seemed to be getting worse. 'Um, excuse me.' she said to Jodie and began to run off only to slam into Ms. Li who was giving a tour to some new students. 'Oh, um, sorry Ms. Li. I just have an emrgency.' she said before running off." (Part 2)

  • Daria/Dorian 12: Spring Breaks, by LadieT (part 5): "While Lillian was studying it, Jane went to check to see if anyone was watching Janecam. A few moments later, Dorian's sn popped up in the corner. Both of his aunts turned and waved at the camera. This time - Quinn, Jake, and Helen were standing behind him and watched as their family waved. Despite knowing that they couldn't be seen, they gave a tiny wave back."

  • Fugitive Chapter 4: Country Music, by Wassersauefer (COMPLETE!): "'Mr. Burns, did you have any idea, that the young man she housed was a wanted criminal? And that she is attracted to him?' If it had been a cartoon from Warner Brothers his jaw would have hit the desk. But it wasn't, so he just stared at her in disbelief. 'I'm... I'm sure she did not know.' 'Apparently you didn't either. You did not even know that he was there at all, am I right?' She tried not to sound accusing, but her voice betrayed her. For a moment he just sat there, eyes cast downwards. 'No... no, I did not.' he then answered, his voice quiet and small."

  • Ghost Girl Chapter 4, by Pumpkin Panic (parts 1 - 5): "Daria and Jane walked into shloss Morgendorffer after leaving the school Halloween costume ball home coming dance early. Jane was wearing a Diana Prince Wonder Woman costume with the lasso and Daria had her green blazer and a green and grey scarf but nothing other than that to indicate she was wearing a costume. "Promise me that if for some reason someone entrusts children in our unfit care we'll never let them wear costumes like that." Shuddered the Slytherin dressed girl." (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) (Part 5)

  • God Save The Esteem ep18: A Gran Day Out, by Charles RB (part 2): "The country club was the same as Sedimentary Rock back in Lawndale, in all the ways that counted: everything about it was aggressively reserved and tasteful, grabbing your face and screaming about how rich it was and yet had such decorum. The staff had blank expressions, and the other people in the building were the graceful old. Tom had asked the waitress for 'sauerkraut and boiled goose', and was surprised when they actually had sauerkraut and goose (roast). Seeing that Daria was the only one who got the reference, he ordered that to save face."

  • Holiday Roadtrip, by Chris Tucker: "A few honks of the horn at the assembled Morgendorffers as a collective salutation, the rental car with Jane behind the wheel, pulled away from the curb and headed for the local sub shop to take on food and drinks for the long trip north. That task accomplished, the car was pointed northeast to intercept Route 95."

  • The House of Cards, by Doggieboy (part 2): "Scarlett Hawkins looked at her reflection in the bathroom mirror and sighed. It had been six months since that cold February day; even now, in the hottest month of the year, the mere memory of that day could make both her back and buttocks feel ice cold. Then she looked at the pockmarked scars that were left by John’s - no, the werewolf's teeth when he had bitten her two months before."

  • I'm Your Boogeyman ('Flashpoints': A Worldburner Mini-Fics Thread), by Raskolnikov (COMPLETE!): "'Don’t turn off the lights. The boogeyman will come.' 'The boogeyman, honey?'. It was winter, but that only meant that the sun kept its vigilance to strict part-time schedules, so the scorching heat of most of the year had turned into a mild warmth. Winter in Texas didn’t call for snow and grey skies. 'Yes. The boogeyman. It comes when the lights are off and eats children in the dark, when nobody is looking. And after that, it boils their bones and makes furniture out of them.'"

  • The Invitation or We're With the Band (New Hope Mini), by thatLONERchick (COMPLETE!): "The Morgendorffer girls were shocked at how ridiculous the Spiral's songs were, but managed to enjoy themselves nonetheless. Every so often, the girls would receive offers of refreshment from the many male denizens of the bar, and one group of college-age guys even invited them to their apartment to watch movies and 'veg out.' When the girls declined, the defacto leader stepped up to challenge their excuse of being needed elsewhere."

  • Is It 'Mania Yet?, by TheExcellentS (teaser): "Daria: 'Yes. Franz Kafka once said that beyond a certain point there is no return, but this point has to be reached. Well, Sandi, we are way beyond the point of no return. You and the rest of The Fashion Club have lit a fire in us that will keep burning until we see your evil, corrupt empire fall to the ground.' Jane: 'And believe us when we say this. It's going to happen. We double FREAKIN' dare you to try and stop us.'"

  • Jane Morgendorffer, by LadieT (part 35): "As they walked around, one store caught Daria's eyes - a tiny comic book store. She asked if they could go in and Helen nodded. As they walked through the aisles of thin magazines, nothing caught Daria's interest until she got to the last set of shelves. Instead of magazines, the shelves were covered in books - graphic novels. Daria quickly grabbed Jane and brought her to the aisle. Daria and Jane studied the books in complete fascination. After asking the clerk which ones she would recommend, Penny picked out a couple. The group left the building with not only the novels, but the seeds planted in two ten-year-olds heads."

  • John Lane 48: A Boston We Will Go, by RLobinske (part 5): "Boston Fine Arts College was not far from Raft. John estimated it would be a fairly easy jog, less than three miles. Unlike the older, open quad of Raft, BFAC was a tight cluster of taller buildings confined to two city blocks with only a small courtyard for open space. 'I can see parking sucks even more there than at Raft,' he said as Amy squeezed the car into the parking garage."

  • Just One Date, by Hyrin (parts 2 and 3): "Gaping like a fish on land, Quinn cried out, 'Mu-om! You can't let her decide on her clothes! She'll just pick out out' 'Something that will look lovely on her, I'm sure,' Helen said sweetly while giving Quinn her best lawyer look. 'If Daria decides that you have helped her sufficiently, then you can get a new outfit too.' Quinn opened her mouth to reply, but any further argument between the two was cut off by Daria's head thudding on the table as a light snoring was heard." (Part 3

  • Life Beyond Highland, by LadieT (part 13): "Daria arrived back home around seven to find Quinn sitting in the living room, staring at a blank television. At first, she wasn't sure if her little sister wanted to be alone. After watching Quinn for a couple of minutes, she knew that wasn't the case. Daria joined her sister on the couch as Quinn stared at her with sad eyes."

  • MiSTed: Pause in the Air, by Jim North (COMPLETE!): "TOM: Most generic phone conversation ever. CROW: I'm really feeling for the one person that called the other person. He, she, or it really speaks to me on a personal level. MIKE: I can see why this had to be a Daria fanfic. The interaction between whoever-it-is and what's-their-face only showed hints of the deep interaction that's going on here."

  • No Armour Bar Her Coat by Charles RB (part 1): "He'd been saying that since the summer started, when Buxton Ridge Military Academy had politely but firmly told him that Daria's first year would be her only year. You could ignore bullying and psychological trauma only up to a point; that point had been passed and they'd been terrified that she might kill herself on school grounds. Suicides brought bad attention and had to be avoided."

  • Oh, By The Way, by RLobinske (part 3): "Tess said, 'Quinn, you and your gentleman still aren't married, are you?' 'No, Grandma,' Quinn said. 'We're where we want to be right now.' 'Your sister's been married for almost seven years, now.' Daria said, 'Which is where I wanted to be, Grandma.'"

  • Promises, by LadieT (part 1): "Jane froze when she heard the voice on the other end of the line. Helen Morgendorffer had not spoken to either of them since they announced their engagement three years earlier. Even their wedding invitation to her and Jake was returned. That action had caused Daria to take Jane's last name instead of keeping her own. For a moment, she thought about lying to the Morgendorffer matriarch, but decided against it."

  • Screams of Silence, by Jim North (part 13): "Cursing myself for a fool, I turn to face the opening in the wall, step over the divider, and begin to follow the trail. As I do so, I put my pistol back in its holster and pull out the tire iron instead. I really hope that I don't have to use either weapon on him, but some small, noble part of me thinks it should at least be a somewhat fair fight. Plus, the thought of actually pointing a gun at another person makes me feel sick to my stomach."

  • She Walks in Rainbows, by rglovejoy (part 1): "Stacy's mother sat on the sofa and patted on the cushion next to her, signaling her to come sit with her. Mrs, Bryant silently looked on. 'Something happened to your father, sweetie. Some very bad men, they...' She wiped a tear from her cheek. 'They hurt Daddy. He's...'"

  • Spirit of the Game, Nature of the Beast, by HolyGrail2007 (parts 12 and 13): "Forget spring salons and all of that other nonsense, a relationship with one person like this was more than a hundred of the relationships based on the empty vacuousness of those at the parties. Maybe they were his mother's thing, but they weren't his, and Tom wasn't certain if they would ever be." (Part 13)

  • The Sword, by Kael Seoras (parts 1 - 3): "STACY Yea! God Daria, what do you take me for, a moron? Daria responds with a deadpan stare. Stacy panics. STACY Ohmygod you really do think I'm a moron don't you- Daria sighs. DARIA Stacy, you have got to be the most perpetually scared-witless person I've ever known." (Part 2) (Part 3)

  • Unnamed story (Iron Chief: That can't be in style!?), by Roentgen (COMPLETE!): "After two months, Sullinger came to the realization that she hated her job, she hated her bosses, she hated the nobodies on the show whose egos had been inflated to dangerous proportions and she hated her dangerous apartment on 119th Street. She had thought of coming up with teens wearing clothing so outre that it could literally not be matched."

  • World War Z: The unpublished interview, by VPrad (COMPLETE!): "It’s a sunny day in New Lawndale. I’m sitting outside New Lawndale’s School, the place kids all ages are receiving their education, waiting for Principal Daria Morgendorffer. The building looks surprisingly well, which is unusual, considering the state of most of the buildings after the end of the war. A woman in her early forties, with short auburn hair, wearing a white tank top and a pair of old, worn down, big round glasses. She sits by my side and after a little casual conversation, I turn on my recorder and we start the interview."

  • Worldburner: They Were Nine, by Erin M. (part 3): "'You were always one of the school's brightest students, Jane,' Angela said. 'C-average or not, and I certainly wasn't going to let you waste the potential you had. No matter how much you kicked and screamed to get away from it.' 'And look at me now,' Jane said ruefully. 'Yes,' Angela replied, her face serious. 'We all would have died if you hadn't taken charge, Jane. You became the strong leader I knew you could be. I just wish it had been under less dire circumstances.'"

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