Thursday, April 23, 2015

Is She Wearing a Wig or Did She Dye Her Hair Again?

Jane's looking a little less than adorable for Shirley Temple's birthday. The late actress was born on this day in 1928, and I'd just like to see anybody try to convince Jane to sing or tap dance. Then again, Nathan got her to wear a snood, so....

It's also William Shakespeare's birthday (in 1564) and the anniversary of his death (in 1616). I'm not going to even try to list all the Daria fanworks that cross over with or reference Shakespeare, because then we'd be here all day. You can post your favorites in the comments, though!

Fanfic Update!
  • ВАРИАЦИИ, by Shad_Tkhom (COMPLETE!): "Джейн никак не могла понять саму себя — на самом деле у них с Томом всё шло к тому чтобы расстаться. Напряжение между ней и Слоуном только росло, а она не могла не замечать, что Тома явно и недвусмысленно тянет к Дарье. Надо было быть слепой чтобы не заметить."

  • Fallen Angels and Sharks, by Brother Grimace (part 1): "As everything was getting settled – and I woke up after the best week-long 'Fuck you, Judith, you're dead as TV dials and we're still here!' party the universe will ever see – every single Ringbearer that joined in with me to go after Judith was summoned to the Sky Vault Avalon."

  • Is it Curtain Yet?, by Zetor (part 3): "'This is just wrong,' Jane grumbled to herself as she walked through the mostly empty parking lot, 'Going back to Lawndale High, on a Sunday.'"

  • NMI (Daria and the Gang Thread), by Roentgen (COMPLETE!): "'So, how is it going "Naomi"?' Jane asked. 'Ha ha,' Daria said. 'At least my middle name isn't a joke from a bad Tom Hanks movie.'"

  • Unnamed story (World's Shortest Crossover, Part XIV: The Crossover Awakens!), by Shiva (COMPLETE!): "Out of a luxury private jet came Tom Sloane, his sister Elsie, and for some reason Charles Ruttheimer III, who was talking to the others."

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