Monday, March 28, 2016

This Might Explain Some of His Song Lyrics

Looks like Trent's already started celebrating Weed Appreciation Day, but someone should tell him that the holiday actually refers to the kind of weeds you pull in your garden. However, in his current state, he probably wouldn't care. Less than a month left until 4/20, man. Just hang in there.

Fanfic Update!
  • ASPS, by PrecambrianStudios (part 86): "'So, how're you holding up?' 'Okay, I guess,' Wehrung said flatly. He regarded a pebble briefly with his bad eye before chucking it into the Atlantic Ocean from his vantage point on the outside balcony patio of a small seaside Marblehead cafe."

  • Beat It, by metameric1 (part 3): "Jack closed the door to the drum room, and looked around for Trent. Through the double-glazed picture window Daria was visible, tearing into a smallish Premier kit with a woofer doubling the length of the kick drum."

  • Chemistry, by Captain Marbles (part 4): "The girl known to the staff as Esmerelda Schwartz, niece of Tycho Owen awoke. She yawned and stretched, then called room service for some breakfast."

  • Cynic and a Six-String, by fringeperson (part 6): "It became a suddenly bad day when Ms Barch decided to break up Brittany and Kevin for a science project, and landed Daria with the thick-headed footballer."

  • Dystopia, by mailorderannie (part 4): "Daria crossed her arms. 'I'll repeat myself. Do we have a plan? For that matter, are we still safe here? With no honest media around to report on it, what's to stop whoever's in charge of this sector -'"

  • Hana Hou, Pt 2, by metameric1 (part 9): "Trent had to smile when he glanced out the kitchen window. 'Hey, Daria,' 'Hm?' 'The treehouse looks pretty cool. I like the tie-dyed shades and the macramé planter things hanging underneath.'"

  • James the Lesser Presents Vinny Lane, by James the Lesser (part 34): "Vinny isn't sure what Ms. Li said over the intercom as classes ended but Daria heard it. 'A meeting, on Super Bowl Sunday, announced at the end of the day. She's up to something.'"

  • Moonstruck Dumb, by EntrancedCat (part 2): "Sandi Griffin adjusted her regulation green toque, outer layer made from the finest Mongolian cashmere with soft breathable Lunar-made liner, to better protect her delicate earlobes from the early winter breeze off Lake Michigan."


  • Run Jodie Run, by DIsaac (parts 4 and 5): "KYLE ARMALIN (Lead Anchor for WLWN-TV): I'm Kyle Armalin, Reporting from the Lawndale 5 Newsroom. We have just received some major breaking news on the Mayor Edwards Investigation." (Part 5)

  • Unnamed story (IC Runaway Daria), by Waylander (part 4): "'...I return to the hotel room and find the message from One-Eye. I have to return to New York ASAP. Of course my vacation was ruined. I swear he enjoys it!'"

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