Friday, May 22, 2020

Now How Will She Play "Pop Goes the Weasel"?

Looks like Jodie is going to need a new guitar, which is perfect because today is Buy a Musical Instrument Day! You know, Jake still owes Daria a new flute after he backed over the old one. One must, however, question how the flute got to the driveway in the first place....

Today is also World Goth Day. Do you know how Andrea will be celebrating? Ha, trick question: goths don't celebrate phony holidays. Gotcha!

Finally it was on this day in 2007 that the Daria fansite Lawndale Online was started. Sadly, the site is no longer functional, but it had a good run in the meantime.

Fanfic Update!
  • Boxing Helen...Ah...., by Lady Evil (part 6): "Vixx almost envied Sandi. She got to wear a flowy turquoise gown while she was strapped in a mauve, jewel toned cocktail dress and pinching heels."

  • Burned Out, by Wrabbit7 (part 21): "When asked to point to some advantage in being born of the fairer sex, few students in Lawndale High would not immediately point towards Ms. Barch."

  • Erin Chambers, by OzFerret (part 38): "Erin entered the doors of Boston Products, perhaps for the last time. Her head held high and her shoulders square she immediately encountered Alice Wintergrove. The older woman stepped towards Erin even as Erin tried to avoid her."

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