Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ho, Ho, Ho!

It's Christmas Eve! Don't forget to leave cookies out for Santa and/or your favorite blogger. (As an unrelated aside, I like the chocolate ones.)

Posts might be a little sparser for awhile, because I'll be out of town for the next week. I'll try to keep up with updates, though, and there will still be posts showing up in the meantime.

Now, instead of a naughty-or-nice list, I've got a shiny new fanfic list. Check it twice!

  • All in the Family (Iron Chief: Tom Lane), by project pegasus (COMPLETE!): "Tom: Daria, I know this might be a bit sudden, but would you like to participate in a threesome with me and Trent?"

  • The Cards You Are Dealt, by Doggieboy (part 8): "The girl scooted up against her boyfriend and laid her head over on his upper right arm. 'John, I didn't mean to upset you,' she said. 'I really didn't. But how could I tell you that and not sound like an absolute nut job? Think about it. You didn't know, yourself. Suddenly I come up and say, "The doctor says that our baby is O.K., and oh, by the way, you're a werewolf. Now let's have dinner."'"

  • Daria and Link, by Smijey (part 1): "Daria read from her book, desperately hoping that she would go deaf soon so she wouldn't have to listen to the 'sensitive-ized' version of 'This Old Man' sung by Mr. O'Neill and much of the other children. Her mother had signed her up for the Okay to Cry Corral since it was closer to Lawndale than Camp Grizzly, not to mention cheaper. The only bright spot was that her babysitter, Jane Lane, had coincidentally volunteered to be one of the counselors at the camp."

  • Daria and the Chocolate Factory, by Smijey (part 2): "Daria hadn't foreseen the increase in popularity at school she experienced as a result of being the first golden ticket winner. Her teachers all congratulated her (with Ms. Li making a point to boast about it to the whole school via the PA system), whereas many of the students pestered Daria to take one of them. Even after she explained only family members were permitted to join her, some of her fellow students persisted. Kevin Thompson was the most persistent of these; his constant haranguement of Daria caused Brittany to break up with him seven times, and he only left Daria alone after she threatened to tell Ms. Barch."

  • God Save The Esteem ep15: Kneel Before Zon, by Charles RB (COMPLETE!): "Quinn leaned back in her chair, comfortable in her grade: another C Minus. There'd be a brief and horrible moment when she'd started getting some C Pluses, but she'd got her grade back down to proper, up-the-man's standards. There was no way she was ever going to follow the man's educational dictat! Except in Science, when it came to dissections. Obviously." (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4)

  • The Greatest Gift, by LadieT (COMPLETE!): "Entering the kitchen, Daria was surprised when her mother came walking towards her with a package. Helen handed Quinn one as well. Daria looked carefully at the brown paper and read the name of the sender. From: Amy Barksdale"

  • Holiday Roadtrip, by Chris Tucker: "As they went in, Daria saw her parents sitting on the sofa in the semi-darkness. His arm around her shoulders, her head on his shoulder, right hand gently holding right hand. Jake leaned his head back. 'Hi, there. Have a good time, you two?', he said quietly."

  • Life Beyond Highland (Iron Chef: Lawndale State), by LadieT (part 6): "Walking outside, Daria fought to stop the tears that were forming in her eyes. A few minutes later, a woman stepped out of the bar and stared at her. Daria looked at the obvious hair-dye job (the black color was dripping from her hair) and shrugged. Daria tried to ignore the person, but the woman's presence was starting to get under Daria's skin. In her annoyance, Daria's guard had slipped and the tears had started to fall."

  • Loving the one who Loved, by OverlordMikey (part 1): "Tom walked to the padded walls and felt them; the questions of why he was in this room had eluded him. Perhaps he was just avoiding the crowds forming downstairs. He instead placed his head against the walls and found tears had begun to stream down his cheeks. 'Tom, shouldn't I be the one doing that?' Came a monotone voice form behind. He turned quickly to see a sigh that was both a relief and a horror."

  • My Wings Are All A-Quiver, by InvisibleDan (COMPLETE!): "At noon, the doorbell rang. He got up to get the door as everyone else was out, and he opened it to find Jane there. 'You... You son of a bitch!' She flailed at him with her fists, hitting him on the chest and shoulders but doing little harm. 'I'm sorry! I was going to tell you!' He tried to block her but she kept on hitting."

  • Quinn's Code - Story 1: The Esteemsters Code, by cfardell_Brenorenz29 (part 2): "'So you want to join the Computer Club?' Mack asked. 'Yeah, and the Programming Club. Programming stuff is very cool! Except when there are bugs, but I enjoy the challenge of solving them. Many of the special characters are cute,' Quinn said."

  • Raft College: The First Year, by rglovejoy (part 38): "Daria then saw that Sam was standing right behind them. She didn't even see him coming. These two guys were taller than her, but Sam towered over them. She had never seen anyone so enraged. Sam grabbed the taller one, Artie, by the scruff of his jacket and threw him against the wall."

  • Screams of Silence, by Jim North (parts 9 - 11): "The tone cuts off abruptly, replaced by a soft whirring as it vibrates madly in my hand. I cast about fruitlessly for a place to hide as the tapping comes ever closer. I may have taken one of the creatures down already, but it was mostly luck. I don't want to have to face another one, so I do my best to flatten myself against the wall running along the sidewalk and hope that it just passes me by." (Part 10) (Part 11)

  • The Two Americas, by Charles RB (part 7): "With her eyes on her feet she couldn't see the mob, and the yelling and the obscenities all merged into an unintelligible noise. That wouldn't have been so bad if the noise hadn't been everywhere, a world of nothing but screaming hate. Something struck her in the shoulder and she bit her lip rather than cry out; white paint arced over the group and she tried to ignore that too. It didn't work. This is what Jodie and Mackenzie deal with all the time."

  • Unnamed story (Iron Chef: Super Daria Sisters), by project pegasus (parts 2 and 3): "Sandi: That's enough! Now listen, Tiffany, Stacy, you walk aimlessly to the left and when you reach the edge of the cloud, walk in the opposite direction. Quinn, you and I will walk to the right, and when we reach the edge of the cloud, we'll turn around and go in the other direction." (Part 3)

  • Unnamed story (Scenes no Daria fanfic should have: Damn The Torpedoes!), by Greystar (COMPLETE!): "'I have released Brainiac's exobites into earth's atmosphere!' Luthor stared down the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel. Behind the two of then, he saw that Wonder Woman had turned to a nearby console and was glaring intently at the changing readings. 'Those exobites hold the powers of the heros and villians of my time -- yours incluced -- and will bestow them on anyone they touch! They will create a new bread of superhuman! They will be on the front line that will fight Brainiac's invasion and you must teach them to use their new abilities!'"

  • A Well-Adjusted World, by Charles RB: "Three months in this hellhole and he still didn't get it - sure, everywhere had been hit by the global recession when both Halloween and Christmas failed for no reason back in 2000, but why was Lawndale so much worse than anywhere else? And weird things had happened before then too."

  • Worldburner: When It Rains, by RLobinske (part 6): "Their slices consumed, they waited and, right on schedule, Richard and Victoria sensed danger behind them as Judith gated in not twenty feet away. 'I wondered who they would send to stop me,' Judith said, her red cloak flapping around her like an animal straining against a leash. 'The boy scout, the daddy's girl and a garden variety, snot-nosed bitch. I'm insulted. I expected more.'"

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