Friday, December 31, 2010

Counting Down the End of 2010!

It's New Year's Eve, so get ready to party! If you're not into partying, you can curl up with Nemo Blank's epic The Mighty Quinn, which is set around New Year's Eve.

According to The Daria Database, several characters had a few New Year's resolutions that likely had varying levels of success:

  • Learn the names of Quinn's friends.
  • Learn the name of Daria's friend.
  • Put the romance back in our marriage and stop faking like I'm asleep.
  • Not let that punk at the racetrack talk back to me anymore.
  • Let go of the fact that my father was a cold, spiteful man who sent me off to military school at a ripe and tender age and thereby ruined my life. No point in dwelling on it!
  • Schedule more quality time with Daria and Quinn.
  • Schedule more "intimite" time with Jake (before he falls asleep).
  • Schedule more phone time with Mom.
  • Schedule more time to "just relax."
  • Increase billable hours by 30 percent.
  • I will try to add more bounce to my walk.
  • I will finish inventorying those darn scrunchies!!!
  • I will learn to accept the fact that other people are just jealous of me.
  • I will be a better friend to Stacy so I can find out what Sandi's saying behind my back.
  • I will try to tan more evenly.
  • I will get Kevin to stop calling me "Mack Daddy" if it kills me.
  • Next time Kevin wants to demonstrate how to stop a brick with his head, I'll let him.
  • I will not show Ms. Barch fear, no matter what she does to me.
  • I will stop fantasizing about tricking Brittany into jumping out a window.
  • I won't let it bother me that Jodie puts student council, homework, tennis club, French club, the debate team, and just about every other damn thing ahead of me.
  • I will try to be nicer to people less popular than me (doesn't have to be every day).
  • I will finally master the left-legged split.
  • I will expand my vocabulary by learning a new word every month.
  • I will figure out those self-adhesive stamps.
  • I will continue teaching Kevin to be a gentleman. A lot of progress last year!
  • I will volunteer at the soup kitchen.
  • I will learn Sanskrit.
  • I will take a papermaking class.
  • I will become a crossing guard.
  • I will do anything to get out of the house so Dad will leave me alone about my grades and friends and what colleges I'm going to apply to and agggh!
  • Stop wearing heart on sleeve.
  • Master level 20 of CyberKron.
  • Cut back on whirlwind social schedule.
  • Grow further apart from Quinn.
  • Shake up my routine: Order sausage instead of pepperoni.

Lots of fanfic potential in those, but I notice there are no resolutions from Jane. Do you have any resolution ideas for her or, for that matter, any Daria character? Post them in the comments!

And finally, the latest fandom news!

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1. Find Halloween photo of me dressed as Flava Flav and destroy it.