Sunday, December 5, 2010

The End of the (Ig)Noble Experiment

On this day in 1933, the Twenty-first Amendment was ratified, which repealed the Eighteenth Amendment. The result was the end of Prohibition, which is why Flapper Jodie (left) is celebrating and Old-Timey Bartender Upchuck (right) is free to offer all of the alcohol you could want.

These and other alter egos of past eras made me realize that there are actually several fanfics out there that place the Daria characters in earlier time periods, also known as retrofics. The late, great Decelaraptor, who is still very much missed in the fan community, wrote quite a few of these:

Other retrofics include:

Brian Taylor's Import/Export and The Angst Guy's Rocket Girls are both unfinished retrofics. Hint, hint.

Although I'm sure this list is anything but exhaustive, this appears to be relatively untouched ground. What era would you love to see used in a fanfic? What era would you love to write about in a fanfic? Get writing, people!


Pashupati said...

There should be a crossover Daria/The Difference Engine.
Yeah, that's past, in some manner.

rglovejoy said...

If we're counting AU pasts, sending Daria back into Italo-Gothic Rome, as in "Lest Darkness Fall" would be awesome.