Sunday, February 6, 2011

"I've got Super Bowl fever. Go, teams, go!"

Quinn: So Stacy showed me her outfit for Sunday and she had, like, this solid cream-colored top and I said, "Stacy, it's a Super Bowl party. Guys yelling and jumping up and down and banging into stuff and dip, Stacy, dip!" So she decided to go with a print instead. You know what I always say. Dip is short for dip-saster!

Helen: That's wonderful, honey.

Daria: Did you know Ms. Li called a school review meeting for Super Bowl Sunday?

Helen: Really? That's odd. Well, maybe she's not a football fan.

Daria: I think she's trying to pull something. If I were you, I'd make it a point to go to that meeting and pay extra-close attention.

Helen: Daria, you know your father and I have to go to Eric's Super Bowl party.

Jake: What?!

Helen: Or I'll look like I'm not a team player.

Jake: I have to spend another Super Bowl with a bunch of freakin' lawyers?! And their freakin' lawyer highballs and lawyer cigars?! Lousy stuck-up....

Helen: Jake! I called in some favors around the office and found five people who promised they'd talk to you.

--"Fizz Ed"

Today is the day of the eagerly-awaited (by some) Super Bowl! Whether you watch it for the game, watch it for the commercials, or take advantage of the empty stores to get your grocery shopping done, have a great day. Or at least a better day than Jake probably had.

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