Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bonus Points If Your Holiday Is Traditionally Celebrated with Cake!

Today is Make Your Own Holiday Day! This would be an excellent opportunity to add a new student to the ranks of Holiday Island High School, so go nuts. Please, though, no Mary Sue Appreciation Days. Let's spare Holiday Island at least one horror, okay?

I, meanwhile, will be celebrating Fanfic Update Day!
  • Awakening, by Chris Tucker (part 6): "'Look, I know how you feel about your appearance. I understand why. And if I think about why for too long, I'll start crying. I would never, EVER pressure you to do something you don't want to do. But you did think about it, right? You wondered what you might look like. You thought about it, with that big old brainy brain of yours, and you didn't reject the idea out of hand.'"

  • Bad Communication (Iron Chef: Helen's Trash Freakout), by Hyrin (part 2): "'No, Jane is not pregnant. Neither is Daria. And if I hear any rumors of either of them being pregnant, I'm going to burn your entire wardrobe and replace it from Goodwill!' 'That's fair, mom,' Quinn said, fighting to keep a growing panic from her face. 'Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to make a phone call.'"

  • Bound to Highland, by RLobinske (COMPLETE!): "Despite planning on leaving early in the morning for Montana, Daria crawled into the covered back of her pickup and retrieved a photo album. Inside the house, she sat on the sofa and flipped through photos of her and Quinn as small children. 'Dammit.' She closed the album and lowered her head. Dammit.' So instead of spending her final night there in a bed, she spent the final night on the sofa, holding the album close to her chest."

  • Daria/Dorian Ch. 14: Hair Dye On The Highway, by LadieT (part 3): "A few moments later, Jane walked into the living and Dorian's mouth went dry. Stacy had shaped Jane's bangs to fit a little more around her face and the subtle streaks of blonde through-out made Jane's hair glisten in the light. Dorian was quickly losing the battle with his hormones, he glanced down and quickly ran upstairs. Jane studied him for a moment as he dashed past her."

  • Esteemster Series Teaser 2, by TheExcellentS: "O'Neill: 'Quinn off the ropes... could be an attempt at Quinnception... Daria counters!' Defoe: Daria's got her up again... I think this is it!' O'Neill: 'SPLENDORA BOMB!!! SPLENDORA BOMB!!! We could have a new champ, Claire!'"

  • The Girl In Question, by Silver (part 3): "'Dear mom and dad: This field trip was the worst idea you've ever had. I mean it. The bus was totaled by an explosion, my clothes are ruined, and it's just all gone to hell. Literally. I mean it. I think I just saw one of the shadows eat a raven.'"

  • Kevin and the Fair Maidens (A LoLH Mini: Kevin and the Knights), by Wassersauefer (COMPLETE!): "Grinning like a fool he stood in front of a hot babe and introduced himself. She wasn't as well endowed as Brittany and not as cute as Quinn and the tattoo on her face was kind of a turn off, but damn was her body tight and her eyes pretty. 'Hi, I'm Kevin of Quarterback. Wanna make out?' He totally missed the warning gestures his fellow knights were giving him and the shocked looks the other girls were wearing."

  • Kevin and the Horse (A LoLH Mini: Kevin and the Knights), by Wassersauefer (COMPLETE!): "'Lennart my dear friend, how is it going?', he asked when he reached the fence and leaned on it, next to another knight. This one was not as lanky but much more heavily build, more like a wrestler than a runner. The asked one snorted. 'See for yourself.' 'WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! NICE HORSIE NICE HORSIE!!!'"

  • Lawndale Seven Chapter Two, by Wassersauefer (part 3): "Growing up on the Mars colonies she was a fleet brat from the moment she was born, her father in the fleet, her mother in the fleet and she herself going to a school sponsored by the fleet. As soon as she had been old enough she enrolled in the academy and got accepted into the ground forces of the Alliance. Not the fleet but the next best thing and she liked it better anyway. Yes, Janet Barch had been a proud citizen of the Terran Alliance. The emphasis on had been."

  • Mad Dog's Legacy Chapter 6: Model Misbehavior, by Hyrin (COMPLETE!): "Daria walked. Inside her mind, she could hear her voice of Reason, very faintly, telling her that this was a bad idea. Another voice, that of Temper, had finally managed, after many years of struggle, to drown out Reason, and was not going to give up its moment in the spotlight." (Part 6)

  • The Meeting, by Erin M. (part 1): "'Who called the meeting?' 'Guess,' Daria said. 'Who's called every pointless meeting for the last year?' 'Oh bloody hell,' Nigel huffed, taking his seat at the table. 'Is he still on about that?'"

  • Rude Awakening: Episode 2, by DIsaac (parts 2 - 4): "BURNOUT: Daria, if you think you're bad, then you need to listen to Stacy try to fit as much 'Hard Rock' at 6pm as humanly possible. Then, try to think of her being Boston's Sweetheart, too. JANE: As long as they don't take her to a bar in New England. Then all bets are off." (Part 3) (Part 4)

  • Screams of Silence, by Jim North: "I stand back up and reach into my back jeans pocket to pull out the engraved lighter I picked up in the gym. I stare at it in surprise for a second. I had completely forgotten about it when I was switching everything out to the backpack, but now it's lit the figurative light bulb above my head. The orbs are a puzzle, and I already have the key. I flick the lighter to life and hold it under the wooden orb. It takes a few minutes, but the wood finally catches and the flames begin to lick up its polished sides. I then turn to the metal orb and- Uh-oh." (New part) (Newer part) (Newest part)

  • Searching For a New Hope, by thatLONERchick: "Jane sat up straight, suddenly energized, and grabbed another slice. 'You help me come up with an idea that fits the theme, and we both get credit for it.' Daria bit her lip, head tilted in thought. "Mm, I dunno. What did you have in mind?' 'Hm.' Jane chewed slowly as she rolled a thought around in her head. 'I want to say something. Not just anything, something... relevant. I want to make a statement.'"

  • Two Halves: Chapter 6, by Dark Kuno (part 5): "'MR LANE! What policy was initiated to assist nations under threat of hostile takeover by Communist governments?!' bellowed Mr. DeMartino rapidly into the sleeping man's ear. 'The Truman Doctrine!' yelled Trent instantly as he leapt to his feet and looked around confused. 'CORRECT, as always Mr. Lane,' congratulated DeMartino with an almost feral grin. 'One day, I swear, I will figure out how you AWAYS manage to give the correct answer to a question despite your EXTREME narcoleptic proclivity.'"

  • We3, by Ranger Thorne (parts 5 - 10): "'Okay.' Looking at her family, Daria said, 'Uh, I'll be right back. I just want to put this away before the embarrassing familial activities begin.' 'Embarrasing what?' Jake asked Helen. 'Hugs, Jake,' she replied. 'Before we give her hugs.'" (Part 6) (Part 7) (Part 8) (Part 9) (Part 10)

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