Thursday, January 25, 2018

Today is NOT Opposite Day!

Don't worry; Daria and Quinn haven't lost their minds. They're just celebrating Opposite Day in the most unnerving way possible.

I expect Quinn will snap out of it at any moment, especially once the phone rings. That would be especially appropriate because today is the anniversary of the first transcontinental telephone call in this day in 1915. This is an important date in history not only for Quinn, but also for Helen, for without those all-important telephone calls she might actually have to spend time with her family.

Fanfic Update!
  • Bringing the Fear, by Jim North (COMPLETE!): "Daria opened her bedroom closet to find a void of nothingness beyond. Which she knew was a tautology, but she also knew that it wasn't the metaphorical void of nothingness that usually occupied her closet."

  • Edicius, by elainefr (part 5): "'Movie was okay,' Tom remarked as they walked together afterwards. Daria shrugged. 'Were you cold? You could wear my jacket.' He offered to the young lady that was now shaking her head in a firm no to his offer."

  • Jim the Mechanic (Quinn, Season 3), by WildDogJJ (COMPLETE!): "We see Stacy, Chuck, Quinn and Jim seated around the table. They are playing poker. Stacy has just raised everyone. Stacy: I raise. Any takers? Chuck: Well, oh love of my life, if you insist. Call." (Part 2) (Part 3)

  • Shameless Self Insert Into Daria, by James the Lesser (part 3): "Adrian sees Jane walking with Daria. 'Get over it and forgive her.' He sighs, clenches his right hand into a fist, and then relaxes it."

  • A Three Hour Tour, by Jim North (part 5): "'So, I guess we're supposed to get to know one another now?' Michelle asked. 'What an excellent idea!' chirped Ted, completely missing the obvious sarcasm. 'Who wants to go first?'"

  • Unnamed story (LLH Short Entries : Thread #2), by Roentgen (part 94): "It was 5 am in the morning. Trent Lane woke up from another fitful sleep. The Spatula Man was talking to him, but he was wearing a Buddhist robe. Instead of the red and saffron he had seen before, the red had been replaced by solid black."

  • Unnamed story (Scenes No Daria fanfic should have: 600 Years Afterward.....), by LongSnakeMoan (part 1): "'Hey Jane.' Daria entered Jane's miniscule room in the tiny apartment they shared, weary from her long day fetching coffee, making appointments and taking calls in the name of journalistic training."

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