Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Add a Movie and a Back Seat for Extra Fun!

Daria hasn't yet decided if she's going to eat the burger or stick it in her boots and enjoy the squishy feeling around her toes, but either way she'll be celebrating National Cheeseburger Day. You can celebrate, too, if you'd like to "Burger! Get! Get burger!" I just don't recommend taking any of Skip's burgers--he's apparently got a whole system and the last thing you want to do it mess it up.

Fanfic Update!
  • All's Fair, by Princess_Pasta (part 5): "Daria seemed to blink her eyes and it was time for school again. She had already been waiting outside for several minutes by the time Kevin pulled up to the house."

  • Child Disservices (Life After Thirty), by WildDogJJ (COMPLETE!): "The outside of the house looks no different from when we last saw it eight years ago. The only thing that's different is the cars in the driveway." (Part 2) (Part 3)

  • Death of a Secret, by Caesar Augustus Plutarch (part 1): "Daria sat in her car watching her father through the restaurant's large plate glass window. Even with the painted lettering obscuring part of her vision she could clearly see him embrace a young woman."

  • Erin Chambers, by OzFerret (part 5b): "Erin arrived at Boston Products at her usual time so she was surprised to see Mr Stojoski already in his office. Going to his door she saw her flustered boss racing back and forward from desk to book shelf and back again."

  • Second Chance for Love, by David Falkayn (parts 23 and 24): "'I heard about your video project for Mr. O'Neill's class.' Ms. Defoe said as she lunched with two of her favorite dancers, Elizaveta and Angie. 'Timothy described as a "slice of Americana."' She laughed." (Part 24)

  • Superiors, by ST91 (part 18): "Crap! Crap! Crap! Joey thought angrily as he run to the bathroom. He had hoped to stay clean while helping his father but it didn't happen. Now he and his clothes were soiled with oil and grease."

  • The Temptation of Tom Sloane, by Rémi (parts 1 and 2): "Lawndale High. Mr. O'Neill's class. The bell is ringing. The students get ready to leave. The three J's approach Quinn has she's putting her notebook in her bag." (Part 2)

  • The Wrath of Con, by Lady Evil (part 22): "'So,' Jane asked, standing in the living room before Trent in her Pilgrim girl costume. 'How do I look?' 'Like you're about to burn someone for witchcraft.' said Trent."

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