Saturday, July 11, 2009

Foxing Lady!

Nine years ago, for apparently no good reason, Outpost Daria was shut down in the event known to fandom historians today as the Foxing of Outpost Daria. (Do not confuse this with the Foxing of Outpost Amy, which was not related and took place on a different day.) Every year at this time, we give Martin Pollard a huge THANK YOU! for seeing the crisis through to its happy resolution.

Nothing else going on. Where are all those people who are supposed to be posting stuff here when I run out of things to say? Where'd you go? At least The Bug Guy hasn't abandoned his sacred duties!


KatrinaMedina said...

What are you doing reading (and writing) this TAG? I thought you were on vacation? Or are you just posting pix suggesting vacation? I'm so confused!

Ajar said...

The vacation posts weren't by TAG.

From bottom of posts:
"Posted by The Bug Guy..."

The Angst Guy said...

I'm pretending to be on vacation.

the bug guy said...

What's wrong with posting while lounging under an umbrella and looking out over the beach?

(Ain't Wi-Fi wonderful?)