Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I Always Cry at Weddings

A mere 28 years ago, Beavis and Butt-head... no, sorry, I meant Lady Diana and Prince Charles got royally hooked up. I mention this only because of the awesome B&B image at right from This Book Sucks. Today is also NASA's 51st birthday. Life goes by so fast.

Moar eventually.

  • Daylight: Falling from Grace: I Should Have Been Home Yesterday, by Disco316 (COMPLETE!): That was five years ago, when the government was in chaos. Now, that chaos had been mostly calmed, and President Senerchia’s forces depended on Burt’s forge to keep their horses shod and their sabers sharp.
  • The End of Resistance, by thatLONERchick (COMPLETE!): She awoke in darkness with the knowledge that she was not alone. With deliberate slowness she sat up and pulled the sheet off of her legs. They had finally come. That knowledge came with a surprising and almost palpable sense of relief. A bitter little smile twisted her lips and for the first time in what felt like a century she spoke in her mother tongue. "So you've found me."
  • Falling into College 69: Two Intents, by Richard Lobinske (Part 2): "He served his sentence, there's nothing I can do about it except make sure that the probation stipulation that he have absolutely no contact with Daria or us is rigidly enforced." "But what if he doesn't?" "He'd better hope that I don't find him first."
  • Iron Chef: Daria Is Raven's Apprentice, by Project Pegasus (continued): "Friend Raven, I have been to the fourth wall mail slot and have returned with the comments on our thread." "Hand ‘em over." "No! We’ll answer them together." "But I like opening your mail!"
  • Legion of Lawndale Heroes Gold Team, by Roentgen (Part 6): For Tom, the trip was forever. There was simply too much racing through his head. He was worried about leaving Daria behind, but he just had to know more about Edmund and Edmund's new friends.
  • Rolling the Dice, by Ajar (Part 2): “You don't want to investigate the source of the screaming?” said Jane. “Why would I want to do that?” Sandi asked. “So I can discover what horrible thing scared this person?” [Just so you know, this story is NOT my fault!]
  • Silvered, by Tscroggs (fragment): Everything was going great, until Quinn froze completely in the middle of both step and sentence. “Wha…” Stacy began, before Daria’s arm shooting up stopped her. Stacy had to bite back a sound as almost eight men she had never seen before came out of the alley in front of them.
  • Unnamed story (Second Coming of the New Ideas Thread), by Trscroggs (Part 1): “Well this is a shock. I take a meditation break and decide to investigate an open contract pulse. And what do I discover but a young lady who’s just used the contract phase to delay her own death.”
  • Vigilante, by Lorenzo Sauchelli (Part 3): She opened her notebook and started speed-reading her notes, then replied. “The supposed bullies and the friends are the same people. According to them, she was the one that came with the nicknames.”


undefinedlust said...


You know damn well you are at least partially responsible for "Rolling the Dice"


Unknown said...

I know people have asked "do you ever get turned on when Bugs Bunny dresses in drag?"
Well, I wonder if anyone gets turned on when Beavis dresses in drag.

Anonymous said...

So right now, I'm in a seriously sleep-deprived state, so I'm reading the latest FiC title as 'Two Internets'.

The Angst Guy said...

I know people have asked "do you ever get turned on when Bugs Bunny dresses in drag?" Well, I wonder if anyone gets turned on when Beavis dresses in drag.

It is not possible to tell you how disturbing this would sound to anyone who was not in this particular fandom.

UU said...

To paraphrase an Army of Lovers song:

There was a heart of broken dreams
There was a town where the dreams came true
The golden touch of the disco beat
Welcome, King Butt-head!