Monday, July 27, 2009

Sic transit gloria chalupa

As you will see from this PPMB thread, the chihuahua that took part in those Taco Bell commercials in bygone years, Gidget, has passed on to that Great Kennel in the Sky. She appears at left in one of her late-1990s commercials, popular at the time Daria was on MTV.

This is the very same chihuahua on which the alter ego of Quinn Morgendorffer at right was based. (Look for image #129 in the alter ego flipbook on MTV's Daria website. The caption is: "Yo quiero Taco Bell!"). Not quite sure why Quinn was picked for this, unless it was a popularity issue. Or unless Taco Bell was secretly Quinn's favorite eating place. I could see that.

Alas, poor Gidget, we knew you well. You were a good dog. Rest in peace.

MOAR NEWZ! A few more interesting webpages announcing the 2010 release of Daria on DVD follow. Again, they are interesting because some offer short video clips or images worth viewing, and some are just fun to read because of readers' comments. Enjoy.
Again, has a sign-up sheet for Daria on DVD. Be there or be square.

I really do need to update the "Daria on DVD Activism" section at left. We finally got what we needed.

A new PPMB Iron Chef is up from MDetector5: Weird Jobs (the Fashion Club at Hooters). The art is fun, too.

DariaWiki continues to grow, thanks to readers like you! In particular, we salute Brother Grimace, Psychotol, Quiverwing, Roentgen, NightGoblyn, Disco316, JPAGC, 1stgenfan, Silver, RLobinske, and Compn. The latest new and revised DariaWiki pages include:
Fanfiction time....

  • Don't Sweat the Mall Stuff, by Kristen Bealer (Part 3): Sandi took a deep breath and closed her eyes before stepping out of the fitting room stall. After a few seconds' effort, she finally willed herself to look. The dress Quinn was wearing was entirely different from hers.
  • Iron Chef: Daria Is Raven's Apprentice, by Project Pegasus (continued): "Praise me! For I have returned, and I have kidnapped another slave! This one will write fan fiction for me!"
  • Things Fall Apart, by Doggieboy (Part 19): “Come to me,” she said. Her voice was raspy, her right cheek was torn open, and a large chunk of flesh was missing from her upper left arm. “Let me kiss you, handsome.”
  • Unnamed story (Scenes No Daria Fanfic Should Have: Hump Day), by Greystar (COMPLETE!): It was three in the morning when the sounds of her television woke Daria from a sound sleep. She found the remote by feel where she dropped it on the floor next to her bed and tried to turn the television off. It was the fourth try when she realized that the device was off and it was the supposedly inoperative television on the wall mount that was making all of the noise.

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In the immortal words of a KU football lineman who got stuck in a Taco Bell drive up window: "Where's my Chalupa?"