Saturday, September 13, 2014

Two Great Holidays that Taste Great Together!

Tom and Daria are enjoying some of Quinn's candy in honor of not only National Peanut Day, but also International Chocolate Day. If Quinn complains, they can explain that they're doing her a favor--some of that candy might have contained pistachios, and they know Quinn's allergic to the dye!

Fanfic Update!
  • Fire Fighter, by vlora (part 1): "Trent narrowed his eyes as he watched tom go up the stairs. He turned right, not left. Unless he had to go to Trent's room, or Penny's, there wasn't much that way. Trent shouldn't have noticed, but he had."

  • Hemming's Way, by ognawk (COMPLETE!): "His thoughts were suddenly interrupted by the sound of gunfire behind him and panicked screaming. He turned to see a gang of men in balaclavas, all holding guns and pointing them in the air."

  • Redux, by Princess_Pasta (part 13): "She looked up as Annie returned to the table, a tall girl shuffling along beside her. She looked like she wanted to flee as soon as she saw Andrea sitting there. Typical."

  • When You Wasn't Famous, by -sam (parts 16 and 17): "'I have a question for you Ginny,' Shackleton said. 'Do you have any comment on the play of your Seeker today?' Ginny grit her teeth, the man was a vile toad always out to find the most discordant stories." (Part 17)

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