Saturday, April 30, 2011

Double, Double Toil and Trouble

Tonight is Walpurgis Night, a holiday celebrated in parts of Europe. It's a spring festival associated with the supernatural and often involves costumes, bonfires, and dancing. Sounds fun, although I don't think Quinn would be amused by how much the Three Js are getting into it.

Today is also the 208th anniversary of the signing of the Louisiana Purchase Treaty. It not only doubled the size of the United States, but also tied in strongly with Manifest Destiny--but I'll leave Daria to describe that in greater detail!

New Fanfic!
  • God Save The Esteem ep29: Daria's High Score, by Charles RB (part 1): "Two weeks later, O'Neill burst into Daria's class, crying out 'Daria! You'll never guess who's by the phone waiting to hear from you!' – and unfortunately, the class was Gym and, specifically, the changing rooms. The stares of two dozen girls registered with him too late. 'I... I... um... oh dear.'"

  • Ixmythot (Iron Chef: The Name Game), by Ixmythot (COMPLETE!): "Anthony chuckled, an honest chuckle at that, as he continued, his tic calming with the last of the more painful students gone, "No Andrea, this is something more important than a by, or a missed test. I noticed a certain Symbol on one of your tests, and I have to ask you something: What does the term "Ixmythot" mean to a young woman such as yourself?""

  • Life After Highland Ch. 1: Rush This!, by LadieT (part 2): "Daria watched Brittany as she slowly made her way to the store's exit. Feeling a slight tinge of regret, Daria caught up with the cheerleader. 'Look, if we get finished with everything here before midnight, I might show up - but I won't stay long. Half hour to an hour tops.'"

  • Mad Dog's Legacy Chapter 8: Adult Supervision, by Hyrin (part 4): "The Morgendorffers, along with Jane, were shuffled out by the nurses, and Daria lay back on the bed, trying to get some sleep. She lay still, with her eyes closed, trying to relax, when she heard footsteps in the doorway. Looking over, she saw Mack standing there, watching her. 'Hey,' he said when she opened her eyes."

  • Not So Different 10: Leniency For A Second Offender, by J-D (COMPLETE!): "As the three figures came up the path, Quinn could see that Sonny was limping and the driver was helping to support him. Sonny was speaking in a low voice, and she half-heard and half-guessed that he was telling the other two that he could manage. The scruffy guy was telling Sonny that it was no problem. Quinn stepped out from behind the bush to find out how bad the damage was and decided, judging from times Sonny had got into trouble before, that it was only minor. The guy supporting Sonny looked at her and said, 'Hey.'"

  • Not So Different 11: Older Male Siblings, by J-D (COMPLETE!): "'All the way to Swedesville?' said Sonny. ‘For a music festival?' 'It's not a special occasion or anything. We'd just be hanging out for a while. Of course', Jane went on, 'we'd understand if it would interfere with your busy social schedule.' Sonny had to give in."

  • Paisley Gal (Iron Chef: The Name Game), by paisleygal (COMPLETE!): "Travis sat at a small table in the back corner of the bar. He had an open bottle of beer in front of him, but he was more interested in watching the people in the bar than in drinking tonight. He sighed as he watched the couples doing the two-step to a George Strait hit. His friends had told him he was a fool to fall for some fancy city gal from Lawndale, but he couldn't help it. From the moment he first laid eyes on her, he knew that she was the one."

  • Promises, by LadieT (epilogue): "'I just wanted to thank you again for taking such good care of Cleo. I know it wasn't exactly something you wanted to do - ' 'That's not true, Quinn. I made that promise because I wanted to be there for her if she needed me. I love you, sis.' 'I love you, too. And Jane as well. - I mean I would be so lost right now without you guys.' 'It's going to be okay, Quinn. Just remember, we're here for you. Who knows, maybe someday, we'll need you to return the promise,' Jane said."

  • Quinn's Code - 02: Invite of the Geek, by cfardell_Brenorenz29 (part 7): "'Have you done any dance lessons?' she asked. 'Well, no,' Sandi admitted. 'Then you have no right to say that our dancing is abominable!' Kristen said. 'That should make her think!' 'You mean that you have?' Tori asked. 'Of course,' Kristen said. She grabbed the approaching Joey and began to waltz with him. He was so shocked that it took about 15 seconds for him to respond."

  • Royal Wedding (Scenes no Daria fanfic should have: It's Friday!!), by Roentgen (COMPLETE!): "'And do you, Prince Thomas, Duke of Brittingham, Earl of Cloves, Earl of Watercress, Earl of Hines, Count of Basie, Baron of Munchhausen, Essence of Myrrh, Knight of the Garter Belt, Cab of Calloway, Satchmo of Armstrong, and Elf of Keebler take this woman, Daria Precious Morgendorffer, as your lawful wedded wife, to have, to hold, and to never make any reference whatsoever to her unfortunate middle name?'"

  • Rude Awakening Episode 3: Drive, by DIsaac (COMPLETE!): "DANI: You know if Jodie heard that, she would of flipped out. Mack was a NFL player and the reason why Jodie was so pissed at him was because she told me he dumped her the second he was drafted. STACY: He dumped Jodie the second he got successful? DANI: Exactly." (Part 15)

  • The T Virus, by Smijey (COMPLETE!): "'Damnit, Daria, there's an outbreak going on!' Daria sighed and closed her book; she'd clearly be spending the next few minutes massaging her father's latest paranoid fear. 'Okay, dad, an outbreak of what?' 'The T virus! There are zombies EVERYWHERE! I almost DIED!'"

  • Unnamed story (Iron Chef: "Ghetto" Daria), by Charles RB (COMPLETE!): "Tom whistled at the parade. 'It is a stunning array of pod people.' 'Two more minutes,' said Daria."

  • Vigilante Shift: Double Docked (Non-Daria), by Jim North (COMPLETE!): "'What are you doing?' 'I'm broodin',' she murmurred to the voice in her ear. 'It's what superheroes are s'posed to do. We brood on rooftops.' An exasperated sigh, then, 'Yes, and you are also supposed to capture criminals, as I recall. They don't capture themselves, you know.' ''Cept that one time.'"

  • Way Too Cute, by Smijey: "Daria smiled -- wide. Quinn was perturbed seeing the unfamiliar gesture on Daria's face (and a little revolted at how perfect even her sister's teeth were). 'Don't you get it, Quinn? For the first time in my whole damn life, somebody looked PAST my appearances!' "And they thought you stank!" Quinn added. That did not deter Daria from giving Quinn a great big hug, though. 'Aggh! What are you doing!' Quinn flailed and tried to escape, but it was no use."

  • Worldburner: The Fixer VS the Final Countdown, by Charles RB (COMPLETE!): "'Three and a half minutes left to save the world.' Dr Charles Ruttheimer, Extradimensional Handyman – crossworld 'fixer' for hire – grinned. 'Time to get feisty.'"

  • Worldburner: They Were Nine, by Erin M. (COMPLETE!): "Judith's expression hardened, causing Neely to start crying again. Judith blinked and winced as the pain returned, whatever trance the baby had put on her breaking. She got to her feet and looked down at Daria, who looked back up with an expression of dread. Judith look a deep breath and let it out through her nose. 'There's other survivors in Swedesville,' she said quietly. 'About thirty or so. They've made camp by a stream with clean water. I was going to burn them out but...'"

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