Wednesday, April 13, 2011

And She Even Got the Seven-Letter Bonus!

Happy Scrabble Day! Daria probably lost any enthusiasm she might have had for the game during her marathon board game sessions while she was grounded. Don't let that stop you from settling in for a game yourself, though. Go for the triple word score!

Today is also the 268th anniversary of the birth of Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson is known for writing the Declaration of Independence, for being the third president of the United States, and for maybe-but-not-really speaking these immortal words of wisdom:

Quinn: Well, everybody knows that late curfews should go to people who can use them: attractive and popular people with lots of friends.

Daria: Wow! Who said that? Thomas Jefferson? Or was it Barbie?

Jake: It can't be Jefferson....

Quinn: Of course not. No pin-headed historical person could ever make that much sense.

Jake: Really.

Incidentally, both the Scrabble game and the Jefferson bit came from the episode "The Big House." Coincidence? Probably.

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