Saturday, July 1, 2017

Care for a Pint of Bro and QB's Finest?

Mack and Kevin invite everyone to join them for Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day, although I'm not sure anyone can top "Firstdown Fudge." I'm a little curious about what the other (presumably football-themed) flavors might be. Any ideas?

Today is also International Free Hugs Day, but something tells me Daria won't be participating.

Fandom News!
  • I'm dealing with some issues with the images on this blog, but I am working on getting as much as I can fixed. Thank you for bearing with me!

  • Pay your respects to the late actor Michael Nyqvist and author Michael Bond.


Anonymous said...

How much of the lettering is readable depends on what version(s) of the ending you're watching; they're cropped differently. On my DVD, the brown box to the left is "Touchdown Tapioca" and the green is "Pigskin Pistachi[o]".

On the second row, there's a box of "...illa...", Vanilla something. Checking an online list of football expressions, the best pun i can find is "Vanilla Wildcard", but it could be any football expression that has an "il" and an "a" in it.

The last box is something "...unt...". Donut Dunt? The list of football expressions has "Punt" and "Stunt", but it would be totally awesome if the word "dunt" actually turned up in canon somewhere, and donuts are sweet and would probably taste okay if you shredded them and put them in ice cream, I can't think of anything that starts with P or St and ends with T that would fit equally well. Dunt it is!

Kristen Bealer said...

Thanks for filling in some blanks! I love the idea of "dunt" being an in-canon slang term or something.