Friday, December 11, 2009

It's Tango Day! Hooray!

Yes, Daria fans, today is Tango Day! Today we celebrate the tango by watching other people dance, because we are Daria fans and you've got to be kidding that we can actually dance, like no way. Well, okay, maybe some of us can dance, but the exceptions prove the rule.

The tango was invented in Buenos Aires, which was destroyed by jealous aliens who had too many legs to tango properly. We mourn the loss of a great city, but we still have the tango to fill our Daria fanfics (such as here and over here).

Lawndale Commons, one of the great early supersites for this fandom, is said to have shut down on December 11, 1999. A story by Kara Wild was dedicated to it that same month. Lawndale Commons did close its message board about that time (and perhaps changed its address), but it was given its final update in 2003.


The Angst Guy said...

Service to has been interrupted for some reason. Damn.

The Kristen Bealer Guy said...

Getting error messages at PPMB. Anyone else having the same problem?

Aloysius said...

Yeah. Been happening since two a.m.

Roland 'Jim' Lowery said...

Yes. Bit annoying.