Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Blue Angel and the Robotrix

Two famous German women were born on this day, an actress and an author, who have found their separate ways into Daria lore.

Today is first the 108th anniversary of the birth of mega-actress Marlene Dietrich, for whom a most unusual alter ego was created by MTV for Janet Barch (seen at right). Go to this link to learn more about The Blue Angel. (The whole story was written up in detail last year, so there's no sense in repeating it now.) Thanks to Pinhead and UU for the big image!

This is also the 121st anniversary of the birth of Thea von Harbou, an actress better known for screenplays written in collaboration with her husband, filmmaker Fritz Lang. Von Harbou helped pen the scripts for two early science-fiction movies, Metropolis (1927) and Frau im Mond (1929). She wrote the novelization of Metropolis and so became a science-fiction writer. She unfortunately became enamored of Nazism (unlike Ms. Dietrich, who detested it), and that ruined her marriage to Lang. After she survived World War II, her movie career was pretty much ruined, too.

Renown fanfic writer Milo Minderbinder penned a parody of Metropolis, called "Lawntropolis" (completed May 2001), and inked astounding art to go with it, including an animated alter ego of Daria as the female robot of Metropolis. An image of the original movie robot appears at upper left. Compares well with the Daria-bot, yes? Kudos to Milo for the fantastic work.

  • So Much for the Cheese Fries... by SinisterDragula (COMPLETE!): A dark, ominous cloud enveloped the peaceful sky with each second until it became almost pitch black. The rolling thunder cackled a few moments after lightning shot through the sky. Freezing, misty rain floated down onto the two girls’ clothing, their fabric glistening with moisture. The auburn haired girl shivered at the crack of thunder and looked at her companion.
  • Technicolor Dream, by Miss Pennyfeather (Part 1): They were out of beer, or any form of beverage. So he had to go out and buy some more. Janey was off with Tom somewhere. Probably at the parade.
  • Apocalyptic Daria: Scarlett's Tale, by Doggieboy (Part 15): As Scarlett’s cries subsided, Roger held her gently and asked, his voice a whisper, “How are you holding up?”
  • Anti-Trope, by Minx (continued): “These are really good,” Dean said as he continued to leaf through the art book and admire Jane’s work. He stopped at one and rotated his head slightly; a befuddled frown crept across his face. “This one’s quite...” He paused as he searched for an appropriate word.
  • Bumpmas, by Richard Lobinske (COMPLETE!): Bump sat on a window sill and looked through a window of the Williamstown, Virginia, apartment. The small, shared lawn of the duplex was dusted with snow and she felt alone. It had been four months since her humans had moved here and while she appreciated their devotion, she missed the Chosen One's friends.
  • Daria: The Untold Story, by Ajar (continued): How I Came To Be Daria's Twelfth Understudy Show Runner.
  • The Dream of the White Darkness, by jtranser (continued): She was trapped in a giant beryllium tube of mirrors spinning and tumbling into other versions of herself, forming temporary symmetries before some of her other selves made contact with the inner wall of the tube and vaporized in a chain reaction of blue light.
  • Finn Morgendorffer 22: Daddy, by HolyGrail2007 (COMPLETE!): “Mommy!” Jake’s voice jumped at least an octave as he made his meek plea. “Where’s my mommy?”
  • Flappable, by Roentgen (COMPLETE!): "Mom, Dad," Tom said with obvious pride. "I want you to meet my girlfriend, Brittany Taylor!"
  • The Lane Way, by Vlora (COMPLETE!): Christmas time in the Lane household was abysmal at best; not that Jane could expect much. Her parents saw no point in celebrating it, as they felt their family was close enough to feel comfortable being apart… as if that made any sense. Especially as they had explained this to a hysterical six-year-old who had been told Santa was a cooperate lie.
  • Love Is a Series of Burning Sensations, by Undefinedlust (COMPLETE!): The room was silent save for the smacking of lips and the occasional moan as the box moved wildly around on the living room floor.
  • Quinn: The Show—Episode 1, by Ajar (COMPLETE!): "I don't know why I was put in this class in the first place. I mean, I'm clearly a normal person unlike all the other people in the class, but I guess it's never a bad idea to brush up on the basics. Knowing what weight is good for your height and proper mirror use are skills that will stand us in good stead the rest of our lives." "You clearly haven't learned anything from the class, and I can't in good conscience let you graduate Now, go sit down."
  • A Reaper in the Wind, by Richard Lobinske (Parts 2 and 3): "You had another mind inside your head with you? That is so cool!" "I find it rather disturbing." "Well, yeah, but still cool."
  • Scarlett the Fairy Meets Santa Claus, by Aloysius (COMPLETE!): Our young heroine was quite awake... and waiting patiently for Santa... with a net and a tranquilizer dart.
  • The Secret Life Of Tammy Sloane, by MidnightStorm (continued): "Mom! Gawd, how many times do I have to tell you? I… Did… Not… Hack… Into… The… School's… Computer… Seriously! I can't even type a full sentence under a minute!"
  • Size Does Matter, by BlackHole (Parts 43 to 45): “So, could anyone NAME me what NAtions were inVOLved in the MEXican-AMErican war?” Mr. DeMartino asked into the classroom, surveying the class and not expecting any real answers. Almost as usual, Daria had her hand raised in a bored way.
  • Two Halves 5: Mall Rat Blues, by Dark Kuno (continued): “You know we’re going to see it on the news one day. ‘Coaster disaster at the Mall of the Millennium’,” stated Mack as he leaned against the rail and joined the others in watching the ride. “Maybe we’ll get lucky and they’ll have live footage of the ensuing carnage,” added Jane.
  • Unnamed story, by Trscroggs (continued): Blossom dragged her exhausted body through the Open Eye Café’s front door. If she had the energy to spare she would have lifted her eyebrows in surprise. Several transformed girls where in various parts of the café, some eating, some drinking, and quite a few sleeping. What she hadn’t expected was the new, and still unnamed, girl sitting in a corner listening to Warlock.
  • Unnamed story (Daria/Jane Burnout?), by Jim North (COMPLETE!): Daria fell to her knees and put one hand on the half-torn robot corpse before her. Hydraulics and other fluids leaked from the skinless metal legs as she stroked black hair away from sightless blue eyes. "Oh, Jane," she said softly. "I know you were really just a cyborg from the future sent to destroy me... but I loved you!" (continued here)
  • Unnamed story (Iron Chef: Merry Christmas!), by Wraith (COMPLETE!): Daria and Jane were in the usual pizza joint, but were eating a festive holiday pizza... meaning it had both green and red bell peppers on it.
  • Unnamed story (More Crossovers Not Yet Crossed Over), by Jim North (COMPLETE!): "I... hate... this!" Daria wheezed as they chased their quarry. Jane grinned, showing a wide expanse of teeth. "Come on, Morgendorffer!" she said, sounding perfectly at ease as she jogged alongside her partner. "Get the lead out!"
  • NEW! Unnamed story (More Crossovers Not Yet Crossed Over), by Lorenzo Sauchelli (COMPLETE!): Jane smiled and winked at her partner. She didn't seem bothered at all by the Army Rangers that were surrounding her. "Now, this should be fun."
  • Unnamed story (Scenes No Daria Fanfic Should Have: Hump Day), by Roentgen (fragment): "Mom," said Daria, "there is no way that you can date Kevin Thompson."
  • Unnamed story (Scenes No Daria Fanfic Should Have: Hump Day), by Vlora (COMPLETE!): "Jane, cut the crap. My parents are paying you to be friends with me, aren't they?"
  • Unnamed story (Three-peat! New Ideas Thread Wins Again!), by Lorenzo Sauchelli (COMPLETE!): Jane sighed in frustration at her utter incompetence. She proceed to glare at the easel in front of her, took her brush backwards and stabbed the painting with no mercy. "Squeal little pig! Squeal!" she exclaimed as red paint splashed her face. (Daria/Let the Right One In)


The Angst Guy said...

I think I'm caught up now. Whew.

Kael Seoras said...

She also wears the tuxedo in Morocco. There's a great scene in which, during her cabaret act, she kisses one of the female audience members :P

Be interesting to see Ms. Barch do that...o.O

undefinedlust said...

It feels really good (yet a little sad in a way) to see Complete! next to LSBS