Thursday, December 3, 2009

Elvis, Unplugged

Forty-one years ago today, Elvis made his best known comeback, a special shown on TV that became instantly world famous. And MTV artists remembered it and used it as a Trent alter ego, at left. For more information on this specific alter ego and what it shows, click here. Did you know that Elvis not only invented the music video (with the "Jailhouse Rock" musical number from the movie of the same name), he also invented the "unplugged" live performance with his comeback special? What a dude.

Found a recent online article about DVDaria. Nice to see the support! Go, Kara!

Born 61 years ago today is the Alter Ego That Should Have Been: the Oz. Why no Ozzy, MTV? Oh, well. Maybe next time.

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Kara said...

And from my local city, too. Cool. :)