Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Yes, once again it is time to look under the Christmas tree and find nothing, but in the closet nearby are two guys who are into some kind of kinky bondage thing. That's the Christmas spirit!

More words of Christmas wisdom from Daria can be heard right here. Such a font of wisdom.

Remember Triste Monde Tragique, that French supersite that's not around anymore? It had a great holiday logo.

Want to read MOAR Daria Christmas fanfiction? Head to the special collection at Sh33p's Fluff. Enjoy!

NOTE: I've been searching for "Christmas Present," by Aloysius, but it has vanished. Anyone see it? It was based on "A Little Vacation," by Doggieboy. A pregnant Daria is trying to make a cake for Robert, but zombies get in the way.

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