Saturday, April 3, 2010

Apocalypse? And How!

This day marks the 86th birthday of justly famed actor Marlon Brando, who gets some subtle mention in Daria. Brando's famous role as a renegade Army officer in Apocalypse Now is parodied in the alter ego with Timothy O'Neill at right. (See this image for comparison.) Other scenes from that movie are referenced in "The Daria Hunter," particular with Mr. DeMartino's dark imitation (below left) of Brando as the insane officer of Apocalypse Now.

I was poking around in and noticed two startling news items about Marlon Brando and... wait for it... Beavis and Butt-head. You have to read these two (here and here) to get it. Whoa! That's just bizarre!

What else is going on... I'll have to post all the new fanfiction here later today. Stay tooned for moar.

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