Thursday, April 1, 2010

Moar Aprl Phule N00Z!!11!!111!

This post will fill up as the day goes on, so check back when possible.

Brother Grimace just reminded me of a little prank he pulled a year ago that almost sent me into Intensive Care. Such a booger. Very glad he's still around because I'm going to drop carnivorous ants in his pants at some undefined point in the future. Love you, man!

Richard Lobinske has just announced that he is going to rewrite his epic Falling into College series with all of the Daria characters as undead flesh-eating ghouls, as per the recent Pride and Prejudice and Zombies novel. Not to be outdone, Roentgen and Brother Grimace announced they were going to rewrite the entire Legion of Lawndale Heroes epic in the same manner, then were stunned to discover that Kristen Bealer had already done so. Rumor is that the dispute will be settled by dance-off instead of arm-wrestling, once it became known that Kristen could bench-press 400 lbs.

Kara Wild has left Daria fandom to write My Little Pony slashfic. Probably for the best.

smk has announced she is changing her name to SMK because of problems with her spell-checker.

Australian Daria fans are being asked to have their fanfiction and fan art appear upside down on the Internet in order to allow fans in the northern hemisphere to view their work in the correct perspective. So far no one has complained.

PPMB updates on the 4/1 situation may be found here.

ALERT! Angelinhel has started an April Fool's Day Iron Chef on PPMB! Go and see!

  • Jim North has cooties. Ugly ones. Click here and see.
  • South American and South African Daria fans have asked whether they, too, should turn their fanworks upside down for the benefit of those of a northern hemisphere persuasion. They have been told no, this is an April Fool joke on Australia, but they objected so much to being left out that they too are now mandated to turn their fanworks upside down.
  • Jim North's cooties have destroyed New Jersey. Details on these and other stories at twenty past the hour.
  • Liz Ruiz wants moobs.
  • PPMB is in mourning now that the last man-whore in North America is retiring.
  • A link to artwork for Kara Wild's first My Little Pony porn novel has been posted above. NSFW or anything else. But you'll click it anyway. You know you will.
  • Anne D. Bernstein has posted new artwork. This is not actually an April Fool thing, but enjoy it anyway.
  • Jim North's cooties are now on strike and demanding a dental plan.
  • NEW! Here is a review of Daria 2: The Curse of the Misery Chick, which came out last year. See if you agree with the reviewer.
Stay tuned for further updates. You may of course add your own news updates to Comments below.


The Bug Guy said...

I still think my wife and I pulled off one of the great April Fool stunts 23 years ago. :)

Roland 'Jim' Lowery said...

Pfft! My cooties are totally cute! They're more like cuties, really.

The Angst Guy said...

Did anyone peek at the My Little Pony porn art??? Jim North drew it.