Wednesday, April 1, 2009

That Brother Grimace is such a wacky guy!

That ol' rascal Brother Grimace, you know what he did? He played an April Fool joke on everyone at PPMB by telling us he was leaving the fandom. Brother Grimace, a really and truly superstar fanfic writer, he was giving up and going away. I ####ing near had a ####ing heart attack when I ####ing read that. Then he said ha ha ha, April Fool. What a guy! He had me going, I admit. Whew, good thing it was a joke.

Goodness, what's this? I forgot I had a baby picture of him that I could post on the Internet for everyone on the planet to see. Isn't he cute? Don't you just want to put him in your pocket and take him home? Next time you see Droopy Drawers at a DariaCon, tell him I said hi, no hard feelings about the April Fool. It was great. He's such a booger, I swear. Shame about that excess nose hair problem, but he's done his best to overcome it. You're the best, Bro! (Click on his pic for a special message!)


the nightgoblyn said...

How cute. :D

Gouka Ryuu said...

One thing I learned in Poland that was cool was on their April Fools Day, you could only do a prank on someone until lunch. After lunch, the pranks were over and if you still did one, you were the fool. I liked the idea that there was a time limit.