Saturday, April 4, 2009


...and the debate over a possible partner for Sandi Griffin rages on at PPMB. Meanwhile, we could have a debate over Sandi's college job choices here, starting with the image at left.

Moar as soon as I wake up again.

Oh! Here we go. Richard Lobinske has posted an exceptionally good idea for rude stories: Quinn's Kegger. It spins off from "Gifted." Try it! You'll like it!

LATE NEWZ: 1,216 fans at the Daria Fan Club. Boy, that thing grew quick.

Now 2,288 pages in DariaWiki. Go go GO!

Roxanne wants to find 50 ways to kill Tom Sloane (per a similar song by Paul Simon). Moar l8r.


the nightgoblyn said...

I see that picture and all I can think is: "I wonder if she's wearing underwear."

The Angst Guy said...

Pervert. Welcome to the fandom!