Sunday, April 26, 2009

Away for a little

Need to go do stuff, will be back Monday or Tuesday. Maybe some of the other contributors here will contribute, if asked nicely. Party on.

LATE NOTE: Does anyone know how to save a complete website quickly and completely? If GeoCities is going down, it will take many old Daria websites with it, including some large fan fiction archives, like this one. Just wanted to bring that up.


medea42 said...

It's not perfect, but download them all Mozilla add on might work:

there may be some other tools among the mozilla stuff that would work, too.

Anonymous said...

There's this:

ninetwelve said...

httrack is the best way to go- you'll get *Everything*

I suggested it a long time ago when the wayback pages were first 'discovered' so to speak- but its all geeky future technology.

Where's Bryce Lynch when you need him?